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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 33 Why Did You Kiss Me?

Molly angrily stared at the cell phone. Benjamin hanged the phone!. If it wasn’t for the new phone, and didn’t want Joan to complain of her extravagance, she would drop it right away!

Alice, who had bought her breakfast, put it in the storage box next to her, and said, while going in the seat belt, “I was going to buy you something, but I remember that you are a noble master. You can’t eat these roadside snacks. So I didn’t buy it. ”

Ben saw that she had climbed through the seat belt. Did she want to fasten the seat belt in this way in the future? Would it be difficult to ask for his help?

Gently glanced at her, he said indifferently, “Aren’t you also the proud lady, how can you eat it?”

These words were really hush and made Alice uncomfortable, but she was omnipotent now. It doesn’t matter that how the previous Alice looked like. “That was a long time ago. It’s different now.”

Ben didn’t start the car right away and turned his head, riveted on her. Did she eat every day? How could she be so thin?

He released a sound, “Alice …”

“Huh?” Alice couldn’t help but turned around when hearing his voice and looked at him, four eyes meeting.

He smiled at her indifferently, with dark eyes seeming to have contained many stories, he said, “Long time no see.”

Alice, long time no see.

Alice, you know what? I missed you like a mad man.

It had been three years, and he wanted to ask her. Was she really good?

Alice gazed at him. He was serious and affectionate. His eyes were quickly misted by a layer of fog, and he was at a loss for a moment.

She also said this just now. Did he have the same feelings of what she had now when he heard what? She said just now?

In order to restrain herself from crying, she looked away, and played with the seat belt in her hands. “Why are you doing this suddenly?”

Didn’t she know? Or she just pretended not to know?

He wanted to punish her for avoiding him, but he couldn’t think of a way to punish her for a while, and an idea came to his mind, and then he acted.

Suddenly, he leaned over and held her small face with his big hand. Perhaps at first it was the impulse that made him do so.

But when his lips touched her lips, he knew that she was the poison that he could not quit.

Alice did not expect that he would suddenly be like this. Her heart beat quickly, a pair of big eyes staring straight at him close.

He was breathing very hard, and she breathed in the air round that made her felt as if she was having difficulty breathing.

When the brain resumed, she thought he would continue. In the vague memory, his kiss … was intoxicating.

She was about to close her eyes, but he had already let go of her. Alice was at a loss, staring at Ben who seemed nothing had happened just now.

“Why did you kiss me?” There should be a reason.

Ben was still not panic, licking his thin lips, and said, “I saw that you were breathing difficulty just now, so I gave you an artificial respiration.”

God knows how fast his heart was beating at this moment. It was because of her stabbing in his heart before; he worried that the unhealthy heart would be broken.

Alice stiffly retorted, “How can I have trouble breathing.” It was after his kiss that she could not breathe well.

Ben’s arrogance burst out, staring at her in deterrent way, “I say she had.”

Alice turned her head unconvincingly and looked out the window, not talking to the unreasonable person, “Well.”