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#Chapter 33 Obscene thing

The coquetry of beauty in her bone made her every twinkle and smile full of charm. Those graudy courtesans couldn’t compare with her.

If at the beginning, Jessica’s dress just let a person feel amazing, then at this moment, she became a beauty of the Republic of China, bringing everyone to that era.

Alex looked at her and was obsessed with her. He was dumbfounded and even the breath suddenly became hot and unsteady.

Jessica passed him. She saw his crazy look and gave a little chuckle. The chuckle tickled his heart. And he heard her voice follow the wind–

“Sir, your fly is broken.”

Her voice was so tempting and lingering that made his heart soft. His mouth felt as dry as a bone. He only felt a tingling in his waist.

He grabbed her from behind, held her in his arms, and chuckled. “How about you help me block it?”

People came and went in the street, and countless people stopped and looked at them.

The corner of her eye was frivolous. Her eyes were bright and glittering. “Sir…”

She said only one word and then paused suddenly. Her whole body was stiff.

The hard thing that just hit her buttock, was his belt, or…

When Jessica was hesitant, Alex put his arm around her waist and pushed her a few times stealthily. He was breathing heavily in her ear.


The blood flowed back and burned her over all. she blushed as if the blood was about to drip down her face.

She was not ashamed, but angry!

She didn’t expect that Alex this bastard, dared do this kind of obscene thing in public!

Jessica was panting with anger. When she was about to scold Alex, the director yelled “cut”. He frowned and said, “Jessie, why did you stop halfway through the play? Forget your lines?”

In the camera, Alex’s body was pressing against hers. The range of his obscene movements was so small that neither the photographer nor director noticed anything unusual.

She blushed with anger. But she really couldn’t say the disgusting thing that Alex used his male organ to push against her butt.

Looking at her behaviors, Mr. Johnson thought that she forgot the lines and embarrassed. So he comforted. “It’s normal for you to be nervous and forget your lines when you are acting for the first time. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Relax and let’s do it again.”

Alex acted as if nothing had happened. He loosened Jessica and gave her a complacent smile, and then swung his hip slightly.

Jessica felt disgusted. She didn’t look at him with a sullen face and got ready for a second take.

The second time, she also behaved well at the beginning, but when they were in the part where he put his arm around her, he did it again, and she froze again.

“Cut!” The director stopped. He was already unhappy this time. “Jessie, what’s the matter again?”

Jessica didn’t want the next few times like this, so she said through gritted teeth. “He… sexually harassed me.”

Before the director spoke, an actress said in a high voice, “We are all here watching. And we didn’t see Alex do anything to you. If you forgot your lines, just said you forgot. Why did you blame Alex for it.”

The female voice sounded somewhat familiar.

Jessica looked in the direction of the voice and saw the woman who spoke had single-fold eyelid and thin lips with a fairy aura.

The woman was a bit player, named Carol. She was the actress who accidentally dropped her gun on the floor during her audition that day.

Jessica remembered her.

But they only met on the day of the audition, and there wasn’t an historic enmity between them before, so why was she so hostile to her?

“Yeah, we’re all watching here, and we don’t see Alex doing anything.”

“It’s disgusting that you say someone sexually harass you when you forget your lines.”

“Alex acted so many drama, but we didn’t hear other actress complained of being sexually harassed. Why are you the only one?”

A lot of people were not satisfied with Jessica who acted the part of the heroine as a newcomer, so they chimed in with Carol’s idea loudly.

Alex face was smug and those people were yelling blindly, so Jessica was outraged. “Alex… he, he pushed me with his male organ. Isn’t it sexual harassment?”

She didn’t want to talk about such a disgusting thing, but she couldn’t bear to be wronged.

“Don’t venomously slander!” Alex looked like he was misunderstood and pointed to the belt. “I hold you from the back. It’s just my belt against you. What filthy thoughts are in your head?”

Those people echoed again, headed by Carol.

Mr. Johnson found and looked at the scenes he had shot, but he couldn’t see anything. Each stuck to his argument. They didn’t know whose words were true.

“Now, stop! Jessie, Alex, you go back to have a good rest, and we will continue tomorrow!”

Alex agreed obediently and said to the people ‘Sorry to trouble you’. Then he gave Jessica a smug snort and turned around to leave.

“Alex is so handsome and polite. If he wants, he will have lots of women by waving his hand. Does he need to sexually harass others? Some people didn’t use their heads when they tell a lie.” Carol glanced at Jessica and attacked her by innuendo.

“Right.” Someone beside agreed.

Jessica was filled with anger, which was about to burn her.

How could there be such a brazen person in the world who called white black?!

She clutched the fist and took her bag from Clara who was confused. And then she angrily got in the Porsche which was parked outside the set.

On the way back to the hotel, Clara asked about the situation and was very angry. “How about putting him into a sack and beat him?”

“We’ll see later.” This TV series was invested by his brother. She didn’t want to mess around and make him lose money.

But she made a note of it.

They went back to the hotel.

Clara had something to do at home, so she went back home first. Jessica returned to the room. She went in the bathroom first without saying a word. Until the skin on her body was rubbed red, she just came out gloomily.

She picked up the script but could not read a word for quite a while.

She had never been so wronged under the protection of her brothers.

In high school, a punk tried to take advantage of her. Ryan broke the man’s bone.

Jessica was rolling on the bed. The more she thought about it, the angrier she grew. She sat up, picked up the phone, and wanted to tell her brother about it.

After she dialed the number and when the phone just rang, she hung up the phone.

Ryan was in a bad mood recently. She’d better not bother him by calling him.

“Ah…” Jessica sighed heavily and lay down again on the bed. She was thinking about how to fix Alex later when her phone rang.

She connected readily and asked sullenly. “Who is it?”

Didn’t he know she was in a bad mood?

“Call me about something?” The cold voice of Ryan came from the phone.

When she heard Ryan’s voice, she stopped being careless and sloppy. She sat up tautly and said stiffly. “You…you call back so soon?”

No sooner had she said it than she regretted it…Why did she speak her mind?

She thought he wouldn’t answer such a boring question, but he did answer seriously. and then asked again, “Why did you call me?”

In fact, they used to like to talk on the phone whether they had something to talk to or not. But from a year ago, she wouldn’t call him unless she had to.