Chapter 33 Beauty is the most important

If it were other children, they would not be so patient, but the little Roe was too cute. Being seen by his black pure big eyes, they felt very distressed, even if he now put forward difficult request.

They had only one thought, that is to give him what he wants. When they occasionally saw his slightly pressed mouth, as if he was very sad, their hearts were seized.

Beauty is the most important in this world, those who have a pretty face will also be treated better than others.

Vivian walked over in the ward, pretending not to understand what was happening. “What’s wrong with Roe?”

“Mom.” Hearing Vivian’s voice, Roe’s dark eyes sparkled with light again. He thought it was really his dream yesterday. When he woke up in the morning alone.

Vivian gave him a pet look and thanked the nurses who were caring for Roe. “I’m really sorry to bother you. Will it matter if he put on a drip after breakfast?”

“No, no, that’s what we’re supposed to do.”

When the nurses saw the baby’s mother arrived, they left with regret. With such good genes, they were also curious about Roe’s father, but it seemed that the father did not come.

A man patient next to the bed thought about when he put on a drip, blood from the blood vessels was flowing back into the tube, then he shouted several times and there’s no response. If he did not ring the bell, even the medicine bottle is full of his blood, it can be estimated that no one knew what had happened.

For these duplicitous women, he hates good-looking men!

Maybe the man’s complaint was pso ressing, Vivian felt it across the bed. She thought it was because there were so many people around here, which affected other people’s rest.

And then she said apologetically, “I’m really sorry to bother you, I bought some more breakfast, do you have some?”

Vivian handed over her breakfast.

The man was a little embarrassed by Vivian’s sincere. He was just complaining and wouldn’t really argue with a child. And he could see that Vivian didn’t buy more breakfast at all.

“That’s all right. I’ve already eaten.” In the face of a beautiful and gentle woman, the man said in a soft voice.

Although he did not want to admit, but beauty is really the most important in this world, he cannot avoid it, either. Even Viavian has given birth to a child, she is a beautiful young woman, unlike his old and ugly wife at home….

Vivian didn’t know that in that short time, the man in the next bed had thought about so much. She didn’t ask any because he didn’t want to. Instead, she fed Roe with breakfast.

Although Roe was eating his breakfast, he was unhappy and seemed to be still thingking about that thing.

“Roe, are you still angry with your mother? I’m sorry that I went out without telling you. “Vivian knew that he was still thinking about what she had just done. She raised her hand and spoke earnestly.

Roe watched Vivian keep winking and making eyes at himself, his little face also began to smile, but he was still very serious and said, “Mom, you can’t do this anymore. I will be worried if strange uncles turn you away.”

For example, like the strange uncle next to the bed, who always stared at his mother, although hise mother is very beautiful, is only his mother.

Vivian is slightly embarrassed that someone as old as her won’tbe abducted, but in order to appease Roe, she answered solemnly, “Well, I know, mom will pay attention to that in the future.”

“Yeah.” Roe nodded and smiled.

Vivian looked at her “precocious” son happily.

After breakfast, Vivian asked the nurse to come and put on a drip for Roe. She just went out to buy some fruits for him.” Roe, I just want to buy something, you wait here obediently, ok?”

After a pause, she added, “Mom is going to the supermarket. If you need anything, mom can bring it back for you. Remember that when the medicine bottle is empty, ring the bell to call the nurse.”

She took the bell off the bed and put it near his hand.

“I see.” Roe whispered, “Mom, I want a book of Water Margin.”

“Well, I can help you to see if there are any picture version.” Vivian remembered there were a lot of Water Margin in the supermarket.

Roe shook his head and said, “Mom, I want the book in simplified characters.”

The picture books are what a kid reads. He doesn’t read them.

As a matter of fact, he is a real kid now.

“You want Water Margin in the version of simplified characters?” Vivian almost choked on her own saliva. A three-year-old boy can read a written version of the Water Margin? Is not too exaggerated, even if he has been in kindergarden, she would not recognize a few words.

Vivian straightened her thoughts and tried to persuade him. “Roe, the Water margin in simplified Chinese is still too difficult for you.”

“Mom, in addition to rare character, I can understand vernacular Chinese.” Putting on a drip was very boring, Roe wanted to read some books to kill time. Mother did not know when he was bored, he let his grandmother teach him to know the word, and when he did not understand the words, he would look them up in the dictionary.

By looking up words, he has accumulated a lot of words unconsciously.

Vivian looked at Roe’s earnest expression and was surprised. She did not know when did he know so much?

Vivian didn’t know what to say about herself as a mother. She nodded. “I see.”

At the same time, she also found that the gene is really an amazing thing. Since she fell in love with William when she was in the university, she had begun to understand his past unconsciously.

And found that he was really excellent. He skipped three grades from primary school to junior high school, and he did well in math, composition, and sports. He developed morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically so that he grew up with many awards.

He is simply a dazzling sun, and she didn’t realized Roe is so smart that she felt a little sad. Because in the process of his growth, she did not accompany him to grow up, time flied, and he has been three years old.

Vivian went to the supermarket with a heavy sense of guilt. She not only bought the simplified version of the Water Margin, but also bought a water bottle, some snacks and fruits, which are suitable for his age.

By the way, she also bought a small cake as a reward. Speaking of cake, Vivian was in a trance. Roe’s birthday was actually the same day as William’s.

She spent the last three years with William, who didn’t care about birthday, just usually ate a bowl of noodles with two eggs perfunctorily.

And Roe can only receive the cake and snacks she bought, she owed Roe too much, she must accompany Roe to congratulate this birthday.

Because she knew, Angie was sure to help William withn his birthday. Thinking of this, Vivian still felt a momentary pain in her heart.