Chapter 32 Doctor, Please Save Her!

The hospital was always a place that made people feel sad and hopeless. Despite the nurse’s attempts to persuade Christian to leave and have a rest, he insisted on sitting on the bench at the door of the operating room to wait for Vivian’s operation to finish.

He coughed ever now and then, which made Patrick feel sorry for him.

Patrick was worried for them both. One of them was his best friend with whom he had grown up, and the other was his beloved woman. He was more nervous than anyone else.

“Christian,” Patrick said, gentle as when they were kids.

“Why don’t you go back first? You just had a car accident. You can’t be so willful.”

“No, I’ll wait for her.”

Christian was more like a stubborn little brother. He was weak, but he pretended to be strong.

“I said I wouldn’t give you any opportunity. Let’s play fair.”

Christian looked at Patrick childishly. Patrick wasn’t upset at all. He smiled instead.

“When would you stop being so childish?”

Christina smiled too. They were honest and friendly again.

“When Vivian’s fully recovered, I’ll compete with you fair and square. Don’t be a sore loser.”

Patrick looked at the operating room anxiously. He put on a forced smile on his exhausted face.

“All right, no one is the sore loser.”

Suddenly, the door of the operating room was pushed open.

“Where are the family members of the patient?”

With his hands covered in blood, the doctor looked tired, but he didn’t slack off at all.

“I’m here, Doctor!”

Patrick rushed to the doctor before Christian could stand up.

“Doctor, how is she doing?”

After waiting for more than ten hours, Patrick’s heart was in his mouth and he was very afraid of any bad news.

“Not very well, I’m afraid. Her physical condition was completely ready for the operation during the examination the other day. But due to the great shock she had today, the success rate of operation has dropped considerably.”

The doctor looked at Patrick who looked like twenty years older with sympathy. He had seen so much death, but he still felt sorry for Patrick.

Patrick hadn’t taken a break for more than ten hours, and he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

“We’ll try our best, but I’m warning you, you’d better be prepared. It’s not easy to have an operation of heart transplantation. Whether it’s successful or not depends on her luck.”

The atmosphere was freezing cold. Patrick felt dizzy and he took a few steps back.

Christian slowly walked up to the doctor, emotionless and well-prepared.

He kneeled down before the doctor.


Frowning, Patrick looked at Christian on his knees and fought back his tears.

“Doctor, I’m begging you. Please save her.”

Christian was calm and determined. He had been wrong for so long. He wanted to make a right decision.

“I’ve never turned to anyone before, but Doctor, I’m begging you, please save her life.”

“Stand up, Christian!”

Christian was pale as paper and his bandages were blood-stained. He was shaking. It had been too much for him. Patrick rushed to help him to his feet.

“Don’t worry. It’s my duty to save the patient. I’ll do my best.”

Touched by the loving man, the doctor hurriedly helped Christian to his feet.

“If anything should happen, please give my heart to her.”

“Doctor, in that case, please tell her, I love her and I am sorry…”

Christian leaned on Patrick when he blurted out his final request and closed his eyes.

Vivian had to live, even if it would cost his life. The baby couldn’t lose her, and he couldn’t live on without her.

Patrick was deeply impressed by Christian’s final request.

Patrick had felt angry and sorry for Vivian before. But now he thought it was a pity that Christian and Vivian had missed each other.

“Doctor! Doctor! Help!

Christian’s face was turning pale. Patrick shouted anxiously for help. He didn’t want anything to happen to either of them.

Doctors and nurses were rushing by him and the noise around was overwhelming. He was tired, but he couldn’t collapse because he must hold on for both Christian and Vivian.

When Christian closed his eyes, he didn’t expect to wake up again.

He always assumed that he and Vivian had grown apart just because of a misunderstanding caused by Jessica.

Yet Patrick’s confession made him realize that he had been wrong all along.

With time passing by, terribly regretful as he was, he didn’t have the chance to go back in time and change anything.

He wouldn’t know about Vivian’s pain or get back things he had lost.

It was his fault that things had gone so wrong. He had lost his mind and failed to protect Vivian.

Vivian had suffered a lot for him. Now he had to atone for his sins.

He finally understood what love truly meant.

He couldn’t tell if he was dreaming.

Vivian was sitting next to him. Looking at her quiet and beautiful face, he could no longer hold back his tears.

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