Chapter 31 He Knew the Truth

“Do you remember what our favorite game was when we were children?”

The smile on Christian’s bruised face was sad.

“I always liked to steal Grandpa’s tea leaves and put them in a big pot in the backyard. Every time Grandpa was angry enough to hit me, you begged him to punish you instead of me.”

“You would hug me and go through the punishment with me. At that time, I thought, apart from Grandpa, you were my only family in the world.”

“Patrick, I am sorry.”

Christian was choking with sobs.

He had always been proud and stubborn and had sailed through life without ever hitting the rough waters. He hadn’t shed a tear even when his grandfather died.

Patrick was distressed when he saw Christian trembling.

“Christian, you promised that we would be best friends forever.”

“If you hadn’t treated Vivian so badly, I think we would never have fallen out.”

Patrick was the one who had always protected Christian when they were little, like an elder brother. Meanwhile, whenever someone bullied Patrick at school, Christian would try his best to get even with the bully for him.

Christian had been the mischievous one and Patrick had been the obedient one. They knew each other’s problems very well. They would always be honest with each together.

Later on, Christian had met Vivian at his home, and Patrick had been drawn to this beautiful girl at the first sight.

Back then, Vivian had been beautiful, generous and elegant.

Patrick instantly knew what it felt to be in love with someone when he laid eyes on Vivian.

However, Vivian had a crush on Christian. Anyone could tell that she liked Christian.

Patrick was smart enough not to compete against Christian for a girl.

He could tell Vivian was a nice girl. He went abroad and soon heard the news about Vivian and Christian’s wedding.

He felt sorry, but he genuinely wished them well.

But he had never expected that the girl he had been in love with for long would have led such a miserable life when he came back from abroad.

Patrick had been really disappointed with Christian for the first time in his life. Christian, whom he had treated as his own brother, had turned out to be such a monster.

“If it weren’t for Grandpa’s will, I think I would have fallen in love with her much earlier.”

“Patrick, she should have forced Grandpa to arrange our marriage. I always thought she was the most extraordinary girl I’d ever seen, but she should have offended Grandpa.”

Christian knew Vivian had been a kind and gentle girl and he should have believed Jessica’s lies and wronged her. But he couldn’t get over Grandpa North’s death.

“What made you think Vivian had forced Grandpa to arrange your marriage?”

Patrick smiled sarcastically. Christian had been so stupid.

“Do you believe that a man as powerful as Grandpa would have been threatened by a little girl?”

“Christian North, do you still believe Jessica’s bullshit? You are really stupid and pathetic.”

“Don’t you know how much Grandpa liked Vivian? After you left, she took very good care of Grandpa. When he tried to make a will to ask you to marry her, she actually refused his proposal at first.”

“She was afraid you wouldn’t like her. She always thought of you. But Grandpa was determined to make a will because he didn’t want you to lose such a nice girl.”

“Christian, even if you didn’t trust Vivian at all, you shouldn’t have doubted Grandpa’s decision.”

“Do you know how many times Vivian had been wronged since she was little?”

Patrick felt too sorry for Vivian to recall her past.

“Vivian never catered to others, and she wasn’t as eloquent as Jessica. As the elder daughter of the Josephs, she was always bullied by Jessica.”

“She wasn’t loved by her parents. She had heart disease, but her parents cared little about it. Yet when Jessica pretended sickness to play the sympathy card with you, they would cover for her.”

“Christian, you are a smart man, so why didn’t you see it?”

Christian held his breath not to have an emotional breakdown, like his soul had been taken away. His eyes were blank and his limbs were numb.

“Do you know how much Vivian has loved you? If you hadn’t hurt her so much, she wouldn’t have left you in the first place.”

“She had heart disease and it was getting worse every year. When she found herself pregnant, she was very hopeful.”

“She decided to have the baby even if it would cost her life because she believed it was your baby and a God-given gift for her.”

Patrick felt sorrier for Vivian when he recalled the great pain she had endured during pregnancy.

“Is the baby mine?”

Christian felt warm when he thought of the adorable baby.

“Yes, it’s yours. Vivian had suffered a great deal for him.”

Perhaps only Patrick knew how much Vivian had loved Christian.

“I feel so sorry for her.”

Christian was tearful and regretful.

“If you love her, please don’t hurt her anymore. She has suffered enough.”

The red light of the operating room was still on. Christian had made up his mind.