Chapter 30 What do you want me to do?

Bella smiled, “I am married and I have a husband. How can I be your woman?”

James Grayson heard her refusal and did not want to force her. So let it be.

“We’re not from the same world. It’s not necessary to be friends. Get in the car. I’ll drop you back.” James Grayson said lightly.

Bella lowered her eyes, and her long eyelashes hide the dark waves flowing through her eyes. She and James Grayson were really not from one world. She cannot be his friend, why did she insist on it? She has always been a single person, living alone until now.

“No need, I will call a taxi by myself. Thank you for saving me. I wish you happiness.” Bella nodded, turned around and walked towards the hotel door.

James Grayson gritted his teeth. His eyes were irritable his fingernails were white. His heart was cruel. He drove and left.

Bella returned to the apartment.

Opened the door and saw David Wilson sitting on the sofa in her house, holding cigarettes between his fingers and the smoke had covered his face. The ashtray was filled with ashes, and the room was smoky.

Bella looked straight at him.

“Finally, came back?” David Wilson raised the corner of her mouth, as evil as usual, but there was nothing in his eyes.

She saw his cruelty.

His good was only for other women.

“Come on, let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau. We should get our divorce certificate and then I have to go to the hospital.” Bella said.

He chuckled and stood up. “Who said I was going to divorce you?”

Bella stared at him, her eyes became colder. It was ironic. “David Wilson, do you think after what happened yesterday, we can get along with each other? Do not deceive yourself. I am not a child. Why did you marry me? Your heart was clear. Now that she is back, I wish you the same. Get sick and die with her.”

David Wilson twisted his eyebrows, and his eyes were agitated. “You haven’t had enough trouble? The gangsters caught you, but I handled them all. What do you want me to do?”

“The hero’s rescue drama was indeed your style, but it doesn’t mean that I want to play with you. Emma has come back. She is the dearest daughter of Richard Johnson. When you used me, you knew that I was the daughter of Richard Johnson.”

“I married you. Don’t worry, even if she comes back it won’t affect Mrs. David’s status.” David Wilson said definitely.

Bella doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. It was of no use. She passed him and walked towards the room.

David Wilson looked at her response. He ran towards her and held her wrist, “What kind of attitude you are showing to me?”

“Don’t you have eyes? You cannot see the attitude?” Bella wants to shake off his hand. But he held it so tightly that she couldn’t shake it off at all.

His eyes grew vaguer and there was jealousy. “What, what about the heart of James Grayson?”

Bella sneered, “It doesn’t seem to have much to do with you.”

The strength of his hand increased. “Dare to say it again!”

“It will be staying the same no matter how many times I repeat. I never care about your business. Now you stay away from my business.” Bella said coldly. She had no fear of his impending outburst of anger. He became nothing to her when he used her as a clown yesterday.

He pushed her shoulder and moved forward. Bella was pushed against the wall by him. The pain in her back was related to her body. The body aches, but the heart stayed calm. She must get a divorce from him.

David Wilson looked at Bella and some kind of hate gradually spread in his eyes. He asked, “Did you really do that with him? Bella, compared to the women outside, I thought you were at least a little clean. But now I think you were as dirty as them! ”


Bella drew up a sarcastic corner of her mouth and looked directly at his deep and unfathomable eyes, which upset all living beings. He doesn’t hurt her heart anymore.

“Yes, I’m dirty. Wipe your hands.” Bella calmly replied.

After her cold response, his heartfelt some pain without any reason. He squeezed her chin. “Bella, what is in your mind?”

“Divorce, please completely disappear from my life.” Bella resolutely said.

The veins on his forehead burst, and he bowed his head and kissed her fiercely. Bella bites his teeth hard and didn’t like the flavor of tobacco in his mouth. It was too unpleasant. This, on the contrary, made her felt an urge for James Grayson’s pure and warm taste.

David Wilson was furious and pinched her face hard, forcing her to open her mouth. He kissed her violently until he got into her mouth. The delicate fragrance of her body almost fascinated him. He was mad for her. His senses were not working, and only one organ was yelling for her.

Bella’s eyes were closed, and she can’t struggle. She can’t match this man’s strength. Cruel heart, clenched fist, suppressed stomach tumbling nausea.

With a sigh, she kissed him back.

David Wilson felt her kiss. Compared with so many skilled women she was not good at kissing. However, he felt very comfortable as if she had dripped something warm on his cold heart. This kind of consciousness surprised him.

He loosened her, looked suspiciously at her rosy lips and asked, “Is this your trick? Deliberately made me angry.”

“Um.” Bella raised her cold mouth. It was good to lie for protecting oneself?

“Successful, isn’t it?” Bella asked in reply. The mist spread through her eyes and covered her heart.

David Wilson’s raised his lips. “Really successful. You didn’t give yourself to him, did you?”

“Of course not.” Bella didn’t dare to provoke David Wilson. He was too dangerous.

David Wilson grinned. “Bella, your mind is getting deeper.”

“Caught your heart?” Bella asked deliberately.

“Don’t play games with me in the future. I don’t like it.” His voice was still as spoiled as ever. But she knew that he used such a tone of voice for every woman.

“Okay, I’m going to work,” Bella said coldly.

“Okay, go to work.” He yawned. “I didn’t sleep all night. I’ll sleep here for a while.”

“Okay.” Bella almost escaped from the room.

She looked back at the door. Her eyes were overflowing with fear. She decided to not come back to this place. David Wilson was terrible. He had refused to give her divorce. She had to use legal means.

David Wilson went into Bella’s room lay on her bed and arranged her quilt with his hands. Her quilt has no perfume, no powder, but it had a very fresh and elegant fragrance.

He dialed a number. His eyes were filled with blood. “Let Sam come out. Before James Grayson deal with him, let him take the field. I want James Grayson…Dead.”