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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 30 The Fiance of My Friend

Benjamin originally wanted to say a word, but Alice did not give him an opportunity, and the signal had been cut off.

Benjamin tiredly leaned against the back of the car seat. The double flashing warning lights on the car flickered, meaning the car went wrong, just like the relationship between them now …

After Alice put her mobile phone in her bag, she combed clean her hair that was disturbed by the wind, and explained to Dr. Ran without delay, “Don’t make mistake. I didn’t mean that.”

John Ran, thirty-one years old, was an experienced man compared with Alice, who was just twenty-three years old. He raised an eyebrow and showed an interest in listening, “Oh, what did you mean?”

Why was this person so ill-informed. Why not just let go of this topic, instead, he insisted asking her what she meant.

Alice had to say the truth, “I mean, I don’t like you,. Just now I was joking with Benjamin.”

Dr. Ran was lost for a while, but the name Benjamin obviously made him more curious. “Benjamin, this name was a bit familiar. Is he your boyfriend?”

Alice didn’t even think about it and shook her head. “No, it was my … my friend’s boyfriend. Oh no, it’s my friend’s fiance.”

After explaining her relationship with Benjamin, she felt bitter. It turned out that this relationship was now between them?

John Ran smiled with an unknown meaning and didn’t continue the topic. “Let’s go. It’s cold outside.”

Alice pouted her mouth, smiling, and nodded her head.

On the way back to the hospital, Dr. Ran talked about her mother’s condition.

“Your mother hadn’t been very well lately. You have to spend more time to accompany her.”

Even if Dr. Ran did not say so, Alice can see that her mother’s complexion is getting worse these days, and her sleep time was shorter, and she always wanted to sleep again and can hardly eat food.

“How long can my mother stay with me?” She had already been prepared for this moment three years ago. Actually she had been preparing all the time.

Dr. Ran was silent for a long time. “Sorry, I can’t give you a specific time.”

Alice said, “I know.” Without a specific time, which meant her mother might leave at any time.

When she arrived at the hospital, her mother didn’t sleep. It was also surprising how she got off work so early today. Alice said that she had a little cold today, so she came back early.

Mother was worried about her, so she coquettishly asked her mother to hug her to sleep.

Benjamin appeared in the hospital at two o’clock in the morning, standing at the door of the ward. He saw Alice curled up like a child and slept in her mother’s arms.

He can’t help being happy, first feeling comfort that she slept so well, and then laughing at his own sadness.

It took him four hours to rush to her, just to see if she had fallen asleep.

Sitting on a lounge chair in the corridor of the hospital, there was a wind blowing through, and it was quite cold late at night. Perhaps only the cold wind can wake him up.

The next day.

Alice woke up just after dawn, and did not know if it was a dream, and suddenly remembered she had promised to call back to Benjamin.

She got up slowly, afraid of getting too noisy and woke up her mother who slept well. She seldom got up so early, so she went to the snack street and buy a big mushroom bun for her mom.

After cleaning herself up, Alice walked out and called Benjamin.

He always got up early, so don’t worry about him still sleeping at this time.

He quickly answered the phone, and his lazy voice came, “You finally remembered that you owed me a call.”