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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 30 Go to Hell



Christian looked around in the living room and shouted their names.

He couldn’t find them at home. He was worried again.

“Mr. North, Miss Vivian suddenly had a heart attack. Mr. Patrick has taken her to the hospital.” An elderly maid told Christian with a trembling voice.

Christian’s heart sunk and he rushed to the hospital immediately.

Patrick looked at Vivian in the backseat who was curling up in pain and his hands on the steering wheel were shaking.

“Vivian, hold on! We’ll arrive at the hospital soon!”

Vivian’s hair was drenched in sweat. Her hands pressed hard against her heart, moaning in a low voice.

Patrick smashed the gas pedal and got to the hospital as fast as he could.

The minute Christian was at the door of the hospital, he saw Patrick and Vivian. He parked the car and rushed to them.

“Vivian!”Her face was pale. He was worried sick.

“Go away! I don’t want to see you.”

Vivian was weak from the pain, but she still stubbornly turned her head the other way to reject Christian.

Just then, someone flashed by them, laughing loudly. Before Christian knew it, Vivian was falling down in the middle of the road.


Christian pushed her away as fast as he could with all his strength.

All Vivian felt was a warm hug. She fell to the ground in a daze. Due to the huge pact, her heart was racing even more unsteadily.

Bang! Christian collided with a taxi at full speed.


Jessica was screaming. After stalking Vivian for many days, she finally found the opportunity to kill her. She had never expected that Christian would have risked his own life to save Vivian.

Vivian fell down hard a few steps from Christian. Before she closed her eyes, she saw Christian smiling at her.

“Vivian!” Patrick cried out in alarm and ran to Vivian. She had lost consciousness out of great shock. Patrick found her breath extremely unstable, and sent her to the operating room immediately.

“What happened? Someone was knocked down.”

“What a shame. Such a handsome young man.”

People gathered around the victim. The taxi driver got off the car with trembling legs. When he saw Christian in a pool of blood, he was too scared to stand on his feet.

Jessica looked at Christian who was now covered in blood in horror. She turned around and decided to run away.

Christian was murmuring Vivian’s name when he passed out.

In two adjoining operating rooms, the doctors were doing their best to save Christian and Vivian.

Patrick was pacing at the door restlessly.

It was a close call.

If Christian hadn’t reacted quickly, given Vivian’s physical condition, she wouldn’t have survived the car accident.

Looking at the red light on Christian’s operating room, Patrick recalled what he had said in the mall.

“I’ll decide whether I love her or not…”

“I hope you really love her…”

Patrick folded his hands and prayed for them quietly.

The odor of disinfectant made Christian cough.

He opened his eyes and found himself in a white room. He was a little confused, but the needle in his hand reminded him of what had happened.

He had had a car accident because he wanted to save Vivian. Frowning, he couldn’t find Vivian.

He had a broken left arm and multiple bruises on his body. Despite great pain in his legs, he pulled the infusion tub and staggered out of the room.

Burning with anxiety, Patrick had been waiting at the door of Vivian’s operating room for ten hours. Still he heard nothing. If anything happened to Vivian, he wouldn’t forgive himself.

Christian was intensely worried to see Patrick.

He approached Patrick and leaned against the wall. Patrick raised his head slowly.

Christian was awkward and weak now. Patrick felt sorry for him and helped him to the bench.

“Where is she?”

Christian held Patrick’s hand and asked with anxiety. He had no idea whether the car had hit Vivian or not. Patrick’s exhausted face made him nervous.

Patrick insistently pressed Christian into a seat, took off his coat and put it on Christian.

“She is having an operation right now.”

Patrick’s voice was hoarse and hesitant.

“She isn’t doing very well.”

“Vivian fell ill right after you left this morning. Now with the car accident, they had to do the operation of heart transplantation now.”

Christian lowered his eyes. It was his fault. He had failed to protect Vivian from Jessica.

“Is the success rate of the operation high?”

Christian nodded. His eyes were very sad.

Patrick sat next to him and buried his face in his hands, trying not to lose control.

“It’s bad. The shock was unbearable for her. I…I don’t know what’s going to happen…”


Christian raised his head and leaned back in his chair. Tears were running down his face.

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