Chapter 3 Your Brother is not an Outsider

Jessica drove the car smoothly and listened to her boyfriend’s chatter on the phone. She smiled and said, “Leave the news to me. You just need to focus on your acting.”

Jessica suddenly felt kind of cold in the car. A shiver ran down her spine.

Strangely, she didn’t turn on the air conditioner.

Glancing at the man in the passenger seat, Jessica unconsciously lowered her voice.

Chatting for a few minutes, Jessica hung up the phone and put it away casually. Ryan’s eyes darkened when he saw the name showing on the screen after hanging up the phone.

By the time Jessica drove home it was 11:30 p.m.

She looked at Ryan, and found that he wasn’t awake yet.

“Ryan?” Jessica patted on the man’s shoulder several times but couldn’t wake him up.

It was embarrassed to wake up the servant and ask for help at this late hour. Jessica had to open the car door and helped him back laboriously.

Ryan was tall and heavy, so Jessica looked as tiny as a bird when she was carrying him. She complained in her mind, “He was obviously in good spirits in the hotel. Why did he get so drunk when we arrived home?”

If it happened repeatedly, she would have become short under the weight of him.

After helping Ryan back to his room, Jessica went to make a drink which can help him sober up without a stop. She sent the drink up to his room and asked him to drink.

Ryan didn’t even seem to hear her, sleeping there with a tilt of his head.

“Ryan, please don’t drink next time.” she helped him up to drink and complained, “I am not the eldest brother, how can my weak body cannot stand you.”

She finally let him drink it up and left the room with her hand beating her aching waist.

When she just left the room, the man who was obviously drunk on the bed opened his eyes. His eyes were so gloomy. He took out the phone and dialed a number. “Investigate a person named Alex for me. I want his information within three days.”

The next day, Jessica washed up and went downstairs to have breakfast. She still felt sleepy and yawned.

“Jess, isn’t your second elder brother back?”

The mother came out of the kitchen with breakfast in her hand. She shouted at Jessica, “Go and wake him up to have breakfast. Don’t come back home and just sleep.”

“What? Me?”

Jessica didn’t want to do that because she avoided him like the plague. “He got drunk last night. Shall we let him get more sleep?”

The mother glared at her and said, “Hurry up, your brother is not an outsider!”


Jessica went upstairs slowly and reached the doorway of his room. She knocked on the door and said, “Ryan, have you gotten up? Mother let you go downstairs to have breakfast.”

The door was pulled open unexpectedly, interrupting Jessica’s words.

The man seemed that he just finished bathing. He was wearing a dry white bathrobe whose hair was still wet. Some water drops were dripping on the robe, with a hint of fresh mint from his body. He looked provocative.

Ryan stared at Jessica and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

“Well, mother let me ask you to have breakfast downstairs.” Her ears turned red when she realized that she was staring at him in a trance. She said, “Ryan, I’m leaving now.”

She turned quickly and went downstairs after she finished. Her heart thudded.

It was strange that how could she think her brother was pretty handsome. Crazy!

Ten minutes later, Ryan went downstairs in an iron-grey suit. His brows raised slightly and he looked chilly. However, Jessica thought of his look of bathrobe just now and blushed. She lowered her head and ate silently.

“Good morning, mom.” Ryan greeted his mother and sat down at the table.

“Look at you!” The mother passed him a bowl of congee and said crossly, “You went to drink with your client just after you returned home. You don’t know how to take care of yourself at all. There is endless money to earn.”

“Your eldest brother got married two years ago. And you, who is 27 years old still have no girlfriend. I don’t object if you like boys. But you should at least take him home to meet me.”

“Poof!” Jessica heard what the mother said and couldn’t help spilling the juice which she just drank out of her mouth.

She hurriedly reached for the tissue. Ryan happened to stretch out his hand. His finger met hers accidentally. Jessica felt a big shudder, like an electric shock ran through her body. She withdrew her hand quickly. Her face looked embarrassed.

Ryan was calm. He took the tissue and handed her two pieces of tissue passingly.

“Thanks, Ryan.” Jessica took the tissues carefully.

“Mom, stop those thoughts.” Ryan said in a flat voice. “I am too busy with my work.”