Chapter 3 You Betrayed Me

Her subtle facial expression changes didn’t escape Christian’s notice. He asked with concern, “Jessica, are you feeling all right?”

Pretending to be strong, Jessica shook her head and looked away as soon as she recognized who it was in the backseat, “No…I’m all right.”

He instantly saw what was going on. It must be Vivian who had made Jessica uncomfortable. He felt sorry, blaming himself for being insensitive to what she had done to hurt Jessica!

He comforted her with some soothing words before he flung open the car door, and said to Vivian coldly, “Get off the car!”

It happened so fast. Vivian was hesitant and unresponsive for a moment. Then her wrist was grabbed by him who ruthlessly pulled her out of the car.

“What are you doing, Christian!” She screamed subconsciously, too scared to care about how she looked right now.

He curled his lips, “Your presence has made Jessica very uncomfortable. Get out of here immediately!”

“Christian North, you have gone too far! You forced me to come, and now you want me to get out of here?” Vivian said coldly. She tuned to look at her sister, like a sharp sword that was trying to expose her disguise, “Good for you. He is you brother-in-law!”

“I…”Jessica recoiled a little, looking even more delicate and lovely, pursed her lips and cried, “Sister, it’s obvious that Christian and I dated first…”

“I can’t afford to be your sister,” She looked at Jessica coldly, more disgusted than ever.

Jessica sobbed, pressing her hands against her chest and looking very pale.

Christian held her tightly in his arms. The light in his deep eyes was a prelude to a storm, “If anything happens to Jessica, I’ll make your life a living hell!”

She felt a chill up her spine. The car drove away, leaving her behind.

The wind was whistling. It was biting cold.

Standing in the airport terminal alone, she wore nothing but a thin dressing gown. On the cold late night, she was shivering.

She wanted to make a call to her family, but only to find nothing on her, no phone, let alone coins.

She didn’t even have a pair of decent shoes. People walking by were constantly curious and inquisitive, as if she were naked in public. It was so humiliating!

When she was helpless and about to burst into tears, she heard a familiar voice from nearby, “Vivian?”

A young man in suits was looking at her in disbelief. She quickly straightened herself up, “Patrick…why have you come back?”

Patrick was Christian’s childhood friend and an excellent doctor. She had never expected to run into him in such an embarrassing situation.

“What’s going on with you? Where is Christian?” He promptly put down his suitcase and put his coat on her.

The coat was still warm, and she instantly felt it. Her nose twitched and her eyes were moist with tears.

“I’m going to call him.”

“No, please don’t.” She stopped him. He looked at her inquiringly. She didn’t know what to say, so she had to make up an excuse, “I lost my temper and left home…”

Patrick frowned and said caringly, “Don’t you know your health condition? You wore so little on such a cold day. A bad cold might cost you your life!”

She was tongue-tied. He calmed down after a moment, “Then let’s go to my place. My car is parked outside. It’s better than here.”

She sniffed and nodded. She was out of her wits at the moment.

Patrick went to fetch his car. When she was about to get in the car, she heard a shout, “Vivian Joseph, I have really underestimated you! Have you hooked up another man the minute I’m gone?”

She instantly turned around to meet his angry eyes, and Jessica was standing next to him.

Frowning, Jessica stared at her with eyes flashing with tears, “Sister, I can’t believe you’ve betrayed Christian! You have always acted like a loving daughter in front of our parents.

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