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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 3 We don’t get in touch

“What can I do? Angie is also angr, putting down the chopsticks heavily, “My parents are senior officials, who have fame and prestige, do you want me to come back with my daughter and let others watch the joke?”

“Vanessa, we are the best friends.” Angie took the Vanessa’s hand, asked her to help just like when they were in the university, “The thing is not allowed to let my parents know, also don’t let William know, ok?”

“I know I wouldn’t have been so mad to go abroad and make so many troubles if it hadn’t been for William’s initiative of breakup. But I really liked him, or I wouldn’t have come back for him by divorcing. Please, Vanessa, we are best friend. You helped me in college. Will you help me this time?”

Vanessa looked up, looking at the Angie, full of hope in the eyes, just like when they were in the university.

Just on the sophomore, Angie said later she would travel the whole east Asia around with Vanessa, and let all places are full of their memories, she were willing to share all with the Vanessa, but not including William.

“I like this man so much!” Mentioning her boyfriend, the smile on Angie’s face is particularly brilliant, “So, absolutely I cannot share William to you, you will not rob him with me, right?”

At that time, Vanessa held up her hand to swear, said, ‘You rest assured, if I rob a man with you one day then I will be struck by the lightning. When you get married with him, I will be the first one to be your bridesmaid!”

Angie rolled her eyes and smiled extremely happily, “You make the oath which makes so serious. I just say, I also know you won’t do that, I know you!”

Vanessa thought to herself sadly that Angie actually understood her, but she did not know how deep her love for William.

Since Angie secretly had passed a photo to Vanessa in class, and said that this was the person she wanted to chase, the tall and good-looking boy in the photo, let Vanessa lost her heart.

Angie was a brilliant science student, the provincial champion. She was so beautiful that half of the boys in the school followed her every day. But her literary talent was not good, and she racked her brains in order to write love letters, then she finally came to find Vanessa to help.

“Aren’t you always filling in the words for those studios, Vanessa? Your literary talent must be very good. Just help me!”

To bestie’s request, Vanessa could not refuse of course. She helped her to write love letter overnight. Though Vanessa helped her bestie to write love letters, the love letter also hided her thoughts likewise, which nobody knew.

In addition to love letters, Vanessa also thought of some countermeasures for Angie. Such that less than a month, Angie had a love affair with William. Standing before Vanessa, Angie smiled brightly and said, “Vanessa, I will introduce my boyfriend for you. This is William.”


Angie dangled in front of Vanessa with his hand, had some of the dissatisfaction and said, “I let you help to give me some advice, you are actually thinking of other things,you are so bad.”

“Just, I’m just thinking about the shoes store.” Vanessa regained her consciousness, smiled to Angie and said,” I can!”

“Really?” Angie was very happy, blunt sheet Vanessa blows a kiss, “Vanessa, I love you! By the way, isn’t William’s office also here? Have you had any contact to him over the years?”

“I’m so busy that I can’t possibly get in touch with him.” Vanessa said and picked the fish without bones into the Angie’s bowl, “And he is famous now, so the case he undertakes is more complicated. I guess that he is also very busy.”

“I ever thought you had a connection and wanted his number from you!” Angie pied her mouth and said, “Well, I also have contact with a few university classmates. I will find a opportunity to ask them for William’s phone number then.”

Vanessa said “H’m”.

Later, Angie talked to Vanessa about other things.