Chapter 29 Get Out of Here

The next morning, Christian arrived at Patrick’s home early as usual.

Vivian was about to have the operation and her attitude toward him had changed for the better. He couldn’t help putting on a subtle smile at the thought of it.

But he was stopped by a slender figure at the door.

It was Vivian in pajamas. Her eyes were red and swollen and her hair was messy. She looked weak and exhausted.

She had been always image-conscious in daily life. What’s more important, she had rarely forgotten herself in the presence of Christian. She had never wanted others to think less of her. Yet she looked very weird today.

“Vivian, what’s wrong?”

Christian was a little nervous when he saw Vivian’s oddity.

She hadn’t slept well the whole night. Jessica’s provocation had destroyed her last shred of illusion about Christian last night. Now she was sober.

“You are not welcome here, please leave.”

She was closing the door without giving him a chance to ask any questions.

He immediately blocked the door with his body and pressed his hands against it with all his strength. He had no clue why Vivian suddenly had changed so much.

“Vivian, what’s going on with you?”

“I told you to get out of here! Get out!”

Christian raised his eyebrows and his face suddenly darkened.

“Don’t get excited, tell me what has happened?” Christian tried to sound as calm as possible, trying to calm her down as well.

“You have your house and you have Jessica, don’t you? Aren’t you in love with her? I disdain to be a third wheel, Christian; I’m not as shameless as some people. Get out of here and go back to your house. I don’t want to see you again!”

She pushed the door with all her might like crazy, trying to squeeze him out. Hearing the loud sound and Vivian’s angry cry, Patrick hurriedly ran to her and held her in his arms.

“It’s all right, Vivian, don’t be afraid.”

Leaning in Patrick’s arms, Vivian was shaking. Her swollen eyes were burning with anger that seemed about to burn Christian to ashes.

However, Christian had no idea what had happened that was serious enough to have nearly driven Vivian to crazy. He assumed that Vivian must be jealous because she had mentioned Jessica.

“Vivian, I think you’ve got it wrong. It was over between us long ago.”

He must have been a fool. Vivian had been back for quite a while and he hadn’t explained his current relationship with Jessica to her. No wonder she had misunderstood him for so long.

“It was over? Then how could she have your child? Christian North, you are disgusting. Her child was gone, so you came after my baby? Let me tell you, the baby is mine and he has nothing to with you. Go back and tell Jessica, leave us alone.”

“If you dare to touch my baby, I’ll go down the hell with you.”

Vivian stared at Christian resentfully, like a lioness trying to drive away the invader to protect her territory. Worried about her health, Patrick made an eye gesture to Christian telling him to leave right away.

Christian’s eyes were sad. He had locked Jessica up. There was no chance that someone else would hurt Vivian. Or perhaps he had always been a despicable person for Vivian.

“I’m leaving. I’ll see you when you calm down.”

“Go, go right now. I don’t need you to come and see me. Christian North, my biggest regret is that I loved you.”

Christian trembled at her harsh words. His clenched his fists and his mind went blank.

Christian went home with a heavy heart.

“Master, there is something going wrong.”

The butler ran over to Christian in a hurry the minute he went off the car.

“What’s going on?”

The butler was more frightened than worried. Hearing Christian’s accusatory tone, he was so scared that he nearly fell to his knees.

“Master…Miss Jessica escaped.”


Christian was furious, “Why is it so difficult for you to watch the door? You are useless!”

The butler was too scared to look at his eyes. Jessica had run away under his watch. Christian might as well have wanted to kill him.

“Miss Jessica bribed a maid. She ran away at night three days ago.”

Christian was burning with rage.

“Three days ago? And you are telling me right now?”

In a cold sweat, the butler’s voice was trembling, “Master, I’m terribly sorry. I thought I could send people to find her, but…but…”

“All right!” Christian waved his hand impatiently. He couldn’t care less about Jessica’s whereabouts. But since Vivian had been back, he had to watch out for her.

In hindsight, Vivian’s unusual attitude toward him this morning seemed to make sense now.

“Keep looking!”

Annoyed, Christian loosened his tie and turned around to get in the car.

He hurried back to Patrick’s home. He couldn’t leave Vivian alone. Jessica was ruthless and no one knew what she was capable of.