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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 29 Did He Like You

Now that she had the gut to call him. It was definitely not just talking to him. He knew her too well.

Even though it was clear that what she said next must be something he didn’t want to hear, there was no choice but to listen to her.

Sure enough, her hoarse voice, passed through the blue-tooth headset, reached his ear little by little.

“Just marry Molly, I’m actually pretty good, really good.”

Benjamin’ s smiled a bitter smile. He ignored the former sentence, but cared about the latter, and asked her, “So what are you crying now?” Since you are good,why wouldn’t you laugh out loud?

Alice deceived herself and took away the phone. Taking a deep breath, and pretending that it didn’t matter, “I haven’t cried. I just have a cold recently.”

Benjamin had been on the high speed, knowing that she was lying, but did not expose her lies, just changed the subject.

“Alice, I heard that the doctor in charge of your mother likes you. Is he your boyfriend?” Nothing else, just do not want to cut off the signal because she has nothing to say. He is not at ease with her being alone.

Of course, it was out of selfishness to ask this question. In the information he found, the doctor cared a lot about her and was single.

Alice smiled stupidly, “How could Dr. Ran like me? Is the information you found wrong? I don’t even know this.”

Benjamin smiled bitterly, “Because you are stupid. You always don’t know the people who like you around you.”

This was what he meant. He used to be the one who was always by her side.

Can he say so calmly? Did it mean that he has let go of the past?

Alice felt bitter for a while and looked up at the night sky. “Then I will go back tonight and ask Dr. Ran if he likes me. If Dr. Ran can really become my boyfriend, I guess I can wake up with a beautiful smile. ”

Bad girl.

If she were by his side now, he would slam her on her head, and before he had time to speak, he heard her awkward voice coming from there.

“Dr… Dr. Ran…”

Benjamin’ s eyebrows couldn’t help clenching, and God knew how there could be such a coincidence.

Alice quickly got up from her chair. She didn’t expect to meet him here. She didn’t know if he heard what she said.

She asked awkwardly, “Why are you here?”

John Ran smiled warmly, “My friend lives here.”

Alice pretended to understand and nodded, not forgetting to ask tentatively, “Oh. Have you been there for a while?”

Of course, John knew what she meant, and smiled, and frowned slightly. And he thought for a while, and then said, “You just said that if I were your boyfriend, you would smile even in your dream…”

Alice regretfully wanted to bite off her tongue, barely squeezed a grin, and pointed to her cell phone, “Well, I have to finish the call first.”

John Ran smiled, and nodded, putting his hands in the dark coat pockets, and turning away.

“Benjamin, I’ll call you later.” She hadn’t said what she was going to say.

However, she did not know that Benjamin was driving at full speed on the expressway, when she had just called Dr. Ran, he drove immediately on the right from the fast lane. The car had been suddenly stopped on emergency parking area.

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