Chapter 28 I can take advantage from my wife.

“Chief, no, it’s too dangerous.” Thomas Brown’s was worried.

James Grayson took his stuff and was absolute. “It’s my family’s private business. Who else do you think is more suitable than me?”

“No. I believe that other special forces will be honored to do this mission.” Lieutenant colonel Thomas Brown added.

“Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown from tomorrow you carry ten kilograms and run twenty laps because you talk too much nonsense.” He said coldly, arranged things well and headed to the place where the crime had happened.

On the beach, a group of armed special police officers were standing orderly with rifles in their hands. Richard Johnson was sitting in the car. Next to him sat a man wearing the same clothes as him. James Grayson was led by a police car.

Richard Johnson hung up the phone with the kidnappers and said to James Grayson, “They agree that two people can accompany to the island. Your department guaranteed my daughter’s safety.”

James Grayson’s indifferent eyes glanced over Richard Johnson’s face.

They even found his double as a replacement but still, he was afraid of death. James Grayson did not speak. He took Richard Johnson’s cell phone and carried the fake Richard Johnson on the yacht.

“Chief, I’ll go with you.” Thomas Brown came in. If something happens to the chief, he will certainly not live long. So he decided to go and protect the chief.

“Stand by.” James Grayson ordered to sail.

After going to the island, he called gangsters and found that the number was powered off.

He walked suspiciously through the barren forest. The more he walked, the more surprised he felt. It was so quiet, quiet and even peaceful. Finally, in front of a little starlight, he saw a wooden house. He looked around cautiously and leaned fast against the wooden hut. He opened a gap in the window and look inside.

Bella was dropped in the middle of the house, tangled in a rope. Her mouth was stuffed with cloth. The hands were bruised. The face was cold. She was looking at the empty room with empty eyes. He didn’t understand if she was strong or frightened. She was just too calm. James Grayson was very nervous. He looked in the room and found no one else in it. He pushed the door quickly.

Bella looked at him. Her big eyes fell on his resolute face. She was somewhat absent-minded. Kept looking, looking… Until the eyes were red and the corners of the mouth showed a slight smile. Some people say that God will open another window when he closed one.

James Grayson ran over quickly, untied the rope in her hand and rescued her. Pull the cloth out of her mouth. He saw the red scar on her face, his eyebrows slightly raised, his heart ached and he asked, “Are you all right?”

Bella nodded her head.

He blew pitifully at her red and swollen hand and said in a soft voice, “It must hurt a lot?”

Bella looked at him. She didn’t cry when the other women took her place. She didn’t cry when she was pushed to the gate by David Wilson. Being cared for by him made her feel very sour. Too many injuries had numbed her.

Sunshine is rare, and she was even more precious than the sunshine.

Tears flowed down. She sniffed her nose and smiled again. “I’m fine.” Yes, she should be fine without David Wilson. She saw her bag, walked over and picked it up.

James Grayson took her hand and promised, “Follow me, I ensure your safety.”

Bella looked at his hand. His palms were hot. Because of the long-term training, it was a bit rough but had strong feelings. She felt comfortable. She no longer refused his involvement. Or maybe because she was too tired. The heartfelt bitter she needed this firm warmth to drive away the cold from herself.

Richard Johnson saw Bella coming, and his face changed the expressions badly. He frowned and his voice sharpened. “How could it be you? Did you tell the gangsters about my daughter?”

Bella looked at Richard Johnson indifferently. She didn’t say that she was his daughter. Even if she was really dying, she still would not say that.

“Ridiculous. It’s a waste of my time.” Richard Johnson sat in the car slammed the door and left. Leaving behind a strange group of people.

Only Bella knows why. She stood quietly, looked at Richard Johnson’s departure. He thought it was Emma Johnson who was kidnapped, so he came. In his mind, Emma Johnson was a daughter, but she was not!

There was a slight pain in his heart.

“I’ll send you back.” James Grayson sensed her anomaly.

She turned her head and smiled at James Grayson. “Okay.”

She got into his car, leaned against the window and closed her eyes. She was very tired and has not had rest since morning. Tired body, tired heart, soon fell asleep.

Her cell phone rings.

James Grayson feared that he might get disturbed, so he answered the phone.

“Where are you?” Come to my villa in an hour.” David Wilson ordered.

James Grayson disliked his tone and his black pupil grew more and more dull. He said, “She fell asleep.”

“Who are you? James Grayson! Where are you two?” David Wilson felt an inexplicable panic.

“Let’s talk about it tomorrow morning.” He directly hung up his cell phone and switched off the phone for Bella.

He looked at Bella.

Bella tilted her neck and drooped her head. It at least takes forty minutes to reach. She’ll surely get a stiff neck if she keep sleeping like this.

James Grayson saw a hotel that was not far away. He drove his car near the parking lot of the hotel. The hotel’s regulations were very strict. No one can stay without an ID card. He used his officer’s card to get a room.

Bella was still sleeping.

He picked her up and walked towards the elevator. Her body was soft, and her face was fresh like a red apple. He gently laid her on the bed. Her hair scratched across his arm and itched.

His eyes tightened, and he was fascinated by the hallucination. He felt something in his abdomen. After all, he was a hot-blooded man. He still remembered how he felt with her, three years ago. He sighed, put the quilt on her and went into the bathroom and took a cold water shower. To his skin, it felt cold but not to his inner fanaticism or… to the restlessness hidden in the body.

This was the best time to test his will.

Early morning.

Bella was awakened by the sound of bathing in the bathroom.

She sat up, pulled her hair. She was still dizzy and saw James Grayson’s clothes on the sofa. She raised her lips a little. Living in a room with him was just reassuring. She trusted him a little. She stepped out of bed.

James Grayson came out of the bathroom. His hair was wet and his face was stiff. His firm lines seemed to be more and sharper. Strong texture stretches down to the abdomen. Wearing a white bath towel around the navel, he looked very sexy.

Bella blushed a little and tried to shift her eyes to his face. She softly said, “Morning.”

James Grayson did not respond. He walked towards the sofa and picked up his clothes.

She felt as if he was unhappy.

“Well, thank you. I slept so well yesterday. I didn’t remember how we came to this hotel.” Bella thanked him.

He looked at her. The handsome face was gloomy, and his eyes leaped with a strange flame. “Thanking me for what? Stayed in the same room as you. What do you think that I didn’t touch you?”