Chapter 28 Benjamin, I Don’t Have A Home

Not sure if he’s already asleep at this time.

Surprisingly, only three beeps later, the other side of the phone rang his voice.

His voice was very gentle, “Is there something wrong?”

Did he know it was her? But the tone was cold and hard. If he was beside her now, she would have glared at him.

But he’s not here.

Even if it was, she will not stare at him.

When the mobile phone was connected, she forgot what to say. Maybe she didn’t want to say anything. Knowing that he was in another city, even if it was far, or even out of reach, she would be very satisfied.

But this guy, had destroyed the atmosphere, and said coldly, “Just say something or I hang up.”

Alice was really afraid that he would turn off the phone first, and said anxiously, “Molly came to me today.”

Benjamin, standing in front of the French window, his eyebrows tightened instantly, and his expression was obviously displeased, “What did she ask you for?”

Alice put her feet on the wooden chair, her knees curled up before her chest, her chin between her legs. She set the cell phone to her ear, for fear she would miss anything over the other line.

After a pause and relived herself, she said, “She said … you’re getting married.”

There was a sneer, “Is that weird? Wasn’t this your wish long ago?”

Hearing what he said, Alice’s heart was stunned again. The previous one was really bad and stupid.

Alice was jealous, thinking that he was about to get married anyway, and he was going to be a dad, so she wanted to be capricious for one more time, and said, “What if I change my wish now?

In return was his resolute answer, “There is no if. There is only consequence.”

Alice’s heart was hurt, her eyes sore, and her head buried between her legs. She whispered, “Benjamin …”

How long didn’t she dare to call the name? These three years, if she didn’t bury her face in her legs when calling out this name, she would cry.

Benjamin over there was sorrowful as well; more painful than the knife she inserted him three years ago.

He couldn’t leave her alone, and his thick voice spread into Alice’s ears. “Where are you now?” Alice told him truthfully, with a little bit of coquetry, “On the street. I am alone, sitting on a wooden chair by the road. ”

“Go home right now!” order Ben.

He had already left the bedroom and walked up to the porch. The lights in the living room did not turn on. He changed his shoes, took the keys and went out. Why didn’t he scold her? It would be okay even to scold her with two words, or to hang up her phone angrily, just as what he said three years ago: He and she were set apart forever.

Alice couldn’t help calling him again; “Benjamin …” Benjamin had started the car. It seemed that in the late autumn night, he only cared about her who was sitting alone by the roadside and called him, “Don’t talk nonsense, go back home.”

Every time he ordered her in such a tone, he cared for her, and Alice felt that all her insistence was about to fall.

She looked up, and the night sky was starry in her blurry vision. After a while, she whispered, “I have no home.”

Since three years ago, she already had no home.

Benjamin’ s hand holding the steering wheel tightened, and the knuckles on the back of the hand were all white. “Alice, tell me what you want now.”

In fact, what he wants to say to her is, ‘I have a home.’

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