Chapter 27 She Was Ready to Have a Heart Transplant

Accompanied by two tall and handsome men with their respectively different styles, one of whom was gentle and the other was charming, Vivian, a ravishingly beautiful woman herself, was the center of attention in the mall.

She was a little comfortable with the burning glances of people around her.

“Hey, you two, stop following me!”

But stubborn as they were, there was nothing she could do about them.

“Vivian, it would be a lot of inconvenience with the baby in your arms.”

Patrick frowned. He was worried that Vivian wouldn’t be able to enjoy shopping when she was holding the baby in her arms. Christian was silent the whole time, acting like a bodyguard. No one knew what he was thinking about.

“I’m all right. I’m a mother after all. I can handle it. Don’t follow me anymore. It’s making me uncomfortable.”

Vivian’s outstretched hands made it clear that she wanted them to stay out of her way. Christian said nothing as usual while he was staring at her face all the time, which was unpleasant for her.

She walked away with the baby as quickly as possible, dying to escape from their sight.

The men looked at each other knowingly. They found a cafe and sat down to have a rest.

“Let’s talk.” Patrick spoke first. He was on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of Christian.

With his eyes wandering around, Christian casually took a sip of his coffee.

“There is nothing to talk about. I like her and I’m wooing her. Patrick, one shouldn’t covert his brother’s wife. You liked Vivian when she was still my wife, and I said nothing. But now, I won’t allow you to do it again.”

Always a proud man, Christian had been able to get whatever his heart desired. Patrick was surprised and doubtful of how much Christian had changed.

Both of them were absent-minded when they talked, so they hardly said anything.

Two hours later, Vivian showed up a shopping cart full of goods.

“I’ve bought what I needed. Let’s go.”

With beads of sweat on her white face, Vivian looked tired, yet quite happy.

She was literally out of breath. Patrick felt sorry for her. But he found it funny too.

“Give me the baby. You are a big girl now. You should pay more attention to your health.”

Vivian giggled, “You can’t blame me for being happy! I’ve bought many pretty clothes for the baby.”

They talked and laughed, which reminded Christian of how Vivian must have felt when he picked up Jessica in the presence of Vivian one time.

He finally could relate to Vivian’s heartache.

His phone rang.

He looked at the incoming call and stared at his phone for two seconds before he walked a few steps away to take the call.


“What? Okay, I’ll take her to the hospital right now.”

The news was amazing. Christian was overjoyed when he ran to Vivian.

“It was Dr. Lincoln and he had found the right heart for Vivian. The operation could be scheduled in next week at the soonest.”

“Really?” Patrick was beside himself with joy when he looked at Vivian.


Vivian was a little surprised to find that Christian had cared about her heart disease.

“We are going to the hospital right now.” Patrick agreed with Christian. He had always regarded Christian as his best friend. If it hadn’t been for Vivian, they would have been the best friends in the world now.

“Well…all right.” Lost in thought, Vivian nodded along.

The three of them left the baby and baby products at home, and then went straight to the hospital.

The doctor gave her a detailed examination to confirm the previous diagnosis before he started pre-operation preparations.

Vivian sat on the chair in the hallway of the hospital silently, and she still couldn’t believe what had just happened.

She had suffered a lot since childhood, especially during her pregnancy which called for great perseverance. After the baby had been born, she had to take medicine everyday because of her constant outbreaks of stenocardia.

The resource of hearts was scarce, let alone the right one for her. Vivian’s long eyelashes trembled slightly. Suddenly she felt like crying.

Was God, aware of the injustice she had suffered, finally having mercy on her?

“Christian, thank you.”

She had rarely been so gentle with him, which made him guiltier.

He had owed her too much. He would do anything for her.

“I said I was wooing you. If you didn’t get better soon, how would I be able to do that?”

Christian was still arrogant, even though he was quite moved by her gentle words.

Smiling quietly, Vivian didn’t take his words seriously.

She had a clear idea of what one should hate or love. She wouldn’t forgive Christian for his wrongdoings. Meanwhile, she was grateful to him for his good deeds.

She had finally settled down. She didn’t want to lose herself for what others might say. She had suffered enough. From now on, she just wanted to live a happy life and be a good mother for her baby.

Though each of them had something on their minds, it was tremendously good news for all of them after all. With one problem being solved, they all felt much more relaxed. Thus the atmosphere was less awkward too.

Christian felt relieved. Vivian hadn’t accepted him this time, but at least she hadn’t resented his kind gestures any longer.

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