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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 27 She Knew It Was Love

“Are you married?” asked Alice.

Molly’s smile disappeared from her face. She nodded, and a tear just fell on the hands they pulled together.

Alice quickly asked Molly, “What’s wrong with you?”

Molly shook her head in tears, and pretended that she didn’t want to say it. Alice thought she really didn’t want to say it, so she didn’t ask again.

But Molly was still Molly. The purpose of coming here was to say those words. How could not she say?

After a while, Molly said with grievances, “Alice, can you help me?”

Alice looked at Molly. A girl like her now was scratching a living. What else can she help with Molly?

Molly went on to say, “In the UK, Ben had already proposed to me. We would have been married when we returned to China, but when he saw you here that day … he put off the wedding. I know he still loves you. ”

Propose? Get married? Can’t let go of her?

What’s all this?

Alice helped Molly wipe away her tears and smiled, “Molly, what are you talking about. He and I are just friends.”

“But Ben doesn’t think so. No matter what is the relationship between you, everyone knows that he only listens to you only. Would you help me persuade him? I’m really afraid of losing him.”

“But, I …” What was she now. How can she persuade him to marry Molly.

Molly didn’t give Alice any chance of refusal. She added jealousy, “Alice, I’m pregnant.”

When Molly’s words reached Alice, Alice felt the pain of her eardrum and couldn’t hear anything for a moment.

Molly’s words flowed through her brain into every nerve in her body, and every drop of blood, and she felt numb to the extreme pain.

Seeing Alice’s reaction, smile crept by Molly’s mouth. She took Alice’s hand and said, “Alice, Ben planned to take you and your mother back to New York, in order not to marry me temporarily. And he forced me to have an abortion. ”

Alice felt a shiver and turned to look at Molly, whose eyes were dim by tears.

She really didn’t know what to do.

Later, Molly said that she came from New York secretly, and she would have to go back overnight, or tomorrow morning when Benjamin’ s mother would be worried about her if she saw Molly was not at home.

There was only Alice in the private room, and she had a number written by Molly in her hand, which was Benjamin’s.

She didn’t understand before that if the two people who had been together and never set apart was in fact, falling in love.

Three years ago, the moment they were really separated, she knew that she actually loved him.

It was because she was always been afraid of speaking out love. She thought once she spoke out what she felt, they two would not be stay together forever just like friends.

At that time, she saw love clearly, but it was the beginning of loss.

For three years, she thought everything had faded away. The moment Molly said that they were getting married and that Molly was still pregnant, she …

In the past three years, the only conviction that supported her to survive had collapsed.

Two hours later, she worked as if she had lost her mind; therefore the head asked her to go back and take a good rest.

She hadn’t been able to breathe the fresh air outside. Since the day she started selling wine in the bar, she hadn’t appeared on the street at this time.

The air outside was much better than that in the bar,. But at this moment, every time she breathed, her heart hurt.

The phone number had been held tightly in her hand. Alice sat on a bench by the road, and there was a couple kissing there.

The young couple was dissatisfied with Alice’s presence, but did not say anything, and they left together.

She didn’t know what forced her to dial his number.

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