Chapter 27 Congratulations! You are out

“Yes. All TV cameras are off. Shane is already at the airport.” David Wilson’s men said.

Bella was surprised. Arranged well? What does it mean? She had a feeling of conspiracy against her. However, she had not yet understood it yet when David Wilson took her out of the car in a despotic way. They walked towards the terminal.

There were many girls. One of them was wearing a blue colored elegant dress with long hair floating like a beautiful woman from ancient times. She looked elegant and refined with a graceful appearance.

When she looked closely. She was somewhat similar to Bella. Bella was slightly surprised to see her. She was Aunt Stella’s daughter Emma Johnson, her stepsister. The sister who born only three hours later than her.

Two women gave birth at the same time. Emma Johnson’s mother was lying in the hospital. More than a dozen doctors and nurses looked after her. And her mother, tumbling down on the ground and yelled at the empty house.

Three men who were wearing masks were rushed out of the crowd. Bella slowed down. With guns, knives, and handkerchiefs in their hands, they walked quickly towards Emma Johnson. Emma Johnson looked at the masked man in panic and stayed in his place in fear.

David Wilson’s smiled. He hugged Bella’s shoulder and flashed a bloodthirsty brutality in his eyes. He said to Bella, “Emma Johnson, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Bella opened her eyes in surprise. Why did David Wilson call her like this?

The three masked men were also slightly surprised. With a slight pause, he added. “Why the Governor didn’t come to pick you?” David Wilson said to Bella again.

The masked people thought Bella was Emma Johnson. They changed their direction and came towards Bella. One of them put a gun on David Wilson’s head. David Wilson raised his hands and did not move. Another man covered Bella’s nose with a handkerchief. A strong smell of the drug passed through her nose. Three masked men held her and moved back.

She looked towards David Wilson. He stood defensively in front of Emma Johnson and watched her going away with a fascinating smile.

That cruel and a heartless man!

Suddenly, she seemed to understand something. David Wilson always liked Emma Johnson. That’s why he suddenly pursued her. She did not expect that he would be in such a dangerous situation just for the sake of a dear woman. She seemed to hear the sound of her heartbreaking cruelly. She closed her eyes. She fell asleep in the dark darkness…

David Wilson extended his hand to Emma Johnson and said. “Come with me.”

Emma Johnson did not hesitate to take his hand and run with him. Like princes and princesses in the fairy tales, full of fantasy. They get into his car. David Wilson closed the window.

“David Wilson, they came here to catch me? I’m frightened.” Emma Johnson was panicked.

“Don’t you think you should be afraid of me?” David Wilson stirred up an evil spirit and laughed.

Emma Johnson had not responded yet. He bent over bowed his head kissed her lips and looked for the original taste in her soft lips. The Kiss got deeper. Her hand wandered into her skirt.

“Don’t do that.” Emma Johnson pushed her hand.

“How about that?” David Wilson’s eyes did not hide his desire. A crushing pinch in between her legs.

“Don’t go here.” Emma Johnson requested.

“You have no choice.” He kissed her red lips again. His hand go in and suddenly she felt heavy and illusory. He knew how to catch a woman. After a while, Emma Johnson was completely intoxicated.

He released her lips. His eyes were darker and more evil. He slightly raised the corners of his mouth, “Do you want it?”

“No, don’t do that.” Emma Johnson trembled slightly, clearly refused.

“Don’t do that?” He wickedly asked nibbling her ear. “For three years, I’ve been thinking of you every night.”

Emma Johnson’s eyes were slightly touched by his words. “I missed you too.”

“Are you sure? I haven’t had a single phone call from you in three years.” David Wilson complained.

Emma Johnson was beautiful, her eyes were filled with tears. “I was locked up in the hospital at the base, and there was no telephone at all. I wanted to contact you but.”

He came close to her and asked vaguely, “Do you still know what I like?” Put Emma Johnson’s hand on his belly.

David Wilson, after years of experience, was more dangerous and more confusing to women’s hearts. She turned over and sat on him. Pulled off the zip of his trousers and asked, “Are you still angry with me for leaving you?

He holds her neck and said, “I don’t easily forgive the woman who abandoned me.”

“I didn’t…” She said.

He pressed down her neck and said, “Use your mouth.” Emma Johnson knelt on the ground and began to do as he said. David Wilson’s eyes glimmered with joy. He waited for three years for this woman. To punish her this way, happily on her knees. Let her know that no one can offend him!

“Emma Johnson.” David Wilson said softly.

Emma Johnson looked at him.

“I’m married.” David Wilson laughed and said. His smile was particularly mellow and instantly lit up his eternal face.

Emma Johnson was surprised and shocked. He wanted to watch this expression on her face. Which greatly satisfies his ego. He thought it would be difficult to get her, so he deliberately arranged a good play. And as a result…

If it was too easy, it might be too boring for him. He laughed, picked up Emma Johnson and had sex with her.

Emma Johnson blushed. Her hands were around his neck. Her eyes were blurred and in her soft voice said, “Don’t let me down.”

He smiled indifferently. She delighted him with the skills he had taught him. She shivered, screamed and cried, but comfortably lay down in his arms. “David Wilson, I love you.”

David Wilson felt a little boring. In contrast, he even thought about Bella. He helped Bella return to her true position. She should thank him. After all, she is his wife, isn’t she?

James Grayson answered the phone. His eyebrows were tightly twisted, and his jaw was tightened, which showed his displeasure. “For ordinary cases of kidnapping, please go to the special police. I am here against our enemy not for ordinary gangsters.”

“Uncle Johnson’s daughter is also your sister. The armed police are ready, but only two people are allowed to go to the island on the gangster’s side. Only you can deal with it by sending an elite special soldier to the island. For god sake helps them. You will go or not? Oscar Grayson’s anger channel.

James Grayson hung up the phone directly.

“Chief, are you going to send someone? The armed police have been put on standby.” Thomas Brown asked worriedly.

“I’ll go.” James Grayson said in a stern voice.