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Chapter 26 Angie’s doubts

Vivian listened to the quick knocks on the door, which was like a warning sign. She had her thumb drive in her hand, but someone was faster than her and held her in his arms, and his warm breath spraying in her ears. “Do I agree with you?”

Vivian was shocked for a moment, and her face was red, not for shy but angry, but now she wanted to ask of him, so she lowered her voice. “William, please don’t let Angie know.”

With every knock on the door, her heart beat as if Angie was about to break in. Nervousness, fear, worry, and guilt swallowed her calm.

William looked down at the petite woman in his arms. Her watery eyes were full of pleading, her red and full lips tightly clenched, as if she would bleed if she tried harder.

William’s eyes darkened and he suddenly released his arms.

He rose from his chair, with his back to Vivian, and said without emotion in a deep voice, ” The check was under the notebook and take it into the lounge. Wait and then you leave by yourself from the private elevator at the door.”

Without waiting for Vivian to respond, he headed straight for the door.

Vivian froze for a moment, not knowing why William suddenly changed his mind; When she saw him coming to the door, no time to think, she hesitated for a moment, and clenched her teeth with the check under the computer into William’s lounge.

She gently closed the door, and then stood carefully against the wall. But her mind has been outside, she did not know why, just could not help doing.

The door was opened and the voices of Angie and William came in fitfully.

“William, why did it take you so long time to open the door?” Angie made a casual glance at the office. There was no one inside, and she looked around at the closed lounge door.

No one’s in the office. Hiding in the break room?

“I just get ready for my lunch break.” William gave a succinct explanation.

Angie rolled her eyes and said in a coquettish voice, “William, are you tired? Let’s take a lunch break.”

“You’re hungry. Let’s go.” William did not answer, but spoke faintly.

Angie was torn between going out for lunch with William and wondering if there was a woman hiding in the lounge.

William seemed to see through Angie’s thoughts and leaned aside, saying, “If you’re worried, you can go in and have a look. I’ll wait for you.”

Vivian in the lounge also heard William’s words, her heart followed up. In addition to the tension, but also some unspeakable feeling. William had been with her for so many years, never so patient to explain.

It is happy and luck for everyone to fall in love with a person who loves themselves too.

Fortunately, Angie didn’t come in.

“William, I’m sorry, I didn’t suspect you. Let’s go for lunch. I’m starving.”

When William took the initiative to let her to see the lounge, she felt a little embarrassed. William was sleeping so it is normal for him to open the door not so fast. She was so nervous and it seemed that she did not trust him.

William said nothing and left with Angie, and the office door was closed again.

As the sound of the door closing, Vivian slid against the wall, the thin check was still in her hand, which seemed to laugh at her vanity that never belonged to her.

Vivian felt more and more fog in her eyes. She stared her eyes to the max and waited for the mist to dissipate. In order to shift her mood, she began to look at the layout of the lounge.

There is a double bed, a TV hanging on the wall, and a dressing room. There is also a separate bathroom and a bar.

She looked at the big, clean bed in a trance, wondering if William might be lying there with Angie.

Tears fell down like water droplets.

Vivian squeezed the check tightly in her hand, as if she were holding on to a life-saving straw instead of two million.

She told herself that it didn’t matter if William misunderstood or humiliated her, as long as he got the money.

Vivian stayed in the room for ten minutes, making sure the two of them have left. She lifted her sleeve, smeared water on her face, and left.

She walked quietly out of William’s office and left from another exit.

Instead of taking William’s private elevator as he had said, she went one extra floor to the 18th s storey and followed others to take the elecator.

From upstairs, Vivian had been in a muddled state. The elevator door opened and she was about to walk out when she bumped into a figure coming towards her.

Vivian woke up in a daze and kept apologizing without looking up. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I bumped into you.”

“Nothing.” “The man said in a low, deep voice.

Vivian nodded and lifted her foot to leave. The man next to her again said, “Miss, your thing has been left.”

It was a huge check. If someone else picked it up, he wouldn’t be so kind.

Vivian looked down and saw the check lying on the ground. She immediately picked it up nervously. This time, instead of holding it in the palm of her hand, she put it in the bag.

“Thank you, Sir, thanks very much.” The thanks for this time, seems to be much more sincere.

Vivian finally looked up at the kind man and saw a wild man looking straight at her. She couldn’t help but step back.

“You’re welcome.” The man’s short answer was over and he was ready to leave.

Vivian hesitated, then added, “Sir, if it’s convenient for you next time, please allow me to invite you to dinner as my thanks.”

She wouldn’t have bothered with such trifles if it had been a simple matter, but the two million meant so much to her, more than her life.

Of course, she cannot thank via much money, and she can only thank by inviting him to dinner.


Vivian was surprised to hear the man’s monotonous answer. She thought that the proud and unruly man would not permit

“Regret it?” The man’s trace of a smile is not easy to detect. It disappeared when Vivian come back to the earth, and that trace of a smile seemed not to exist.

If the man’s subordinates see this scene, they will certainly doubt that sun rises from the west today.

Vivian felt embarrassed and explained quickly, “No, no, Sir, I didn’t mean that.”

She took out a business card from her bag and passed it to him. “Sir, if you have time, you can call me at this number.”

She can still afford a meal.

“Well.” The man took the business card to look at, clip it in the document on the hand very casually. He just agreed for the interest to tease the woman in front of him at a moment.

She just looks like a panicked kitten, which lets people cannot help but bullying.

Vivian, watching the crowd around her, suddenly realized that her lunch break was over and she was in a hurry to say goodbye.

Jack’s long, narrow eyes looked at Vivian’s anxious back. He took out the name card from the file and read out the black letters in the middle.

Somewhat interesting, Jack put the business card in the pocket instead of in the file.