Chapter 26 A Ring on the Ring Finger

The following week, Benjamin never appeared, and no other friends came to her, including Chuck.

It was just that her job changed, and the head’s attitude towards her also changed. She didn’t sell wine now, but to do logistics in the wine cellar.

It must be one of them who helped her, even if no one said, she knew it.

Except for work, everything resumed as usual. When Alice thought that everything could be calm. But would come would come.

One week later, when she arrived at the bar, the head told her that someone in the third private room wanted to see her.

Alice can’t guess who it was? But at a certain moment, what appeared in her mind was his appearance, and she could not help laughing. What was she expecting something.

Pushing open the heavy soundproof door, the one sitting inside seemed to have waited for her for a long time, but it turned out to be Molly, her best girlfriend ever.

A long time ago, Benjamin asked her, “If one day, Molly and I fell into the river at the same time, who would you save?”

At that time Alice thought for a while and then answered him, “Aren’t you both able to swim, why should you let me, who cannot swim, think about this?”

“…”, she still remembered that his handsome face twisted out of anger. He said “if”, and her answer was obvious, and no one could save it.

The next day when they ate breakfast, Alice said, “I will save Molly first, and then I will save you, but it may be too late. Then I will hold your hand is drowning with you.”

Benjamin frowned for a while, and then asked her, “Why?”

Alice’s beautiful big eyes smiled and said, “Anyway, if you are not with me, I will not be able to live. It is better to die together, so we can continue to be together the next life.”

Later, Benjamin didn’t speak again, neither did she?

The words between them were always ambiguous. In fact, when lies were repeated for so many times, they would become truth.

But now, Alice, who thought she can’t live without Benjamin, was still alive, wasn’t she?

“Alice.” Molly ran to hug Alice and cried. “How can you be like this? Why didn’t you tell us at that time, if we all knew about your parents, it would never leave you Alone? ”

It seemed that everyone knew what happened three years ago. Alice smiled bitterly, and comforted the crying Molly, “Well. What’s gone was gone. I’m good now.” Molly let go of Alice, gave a small hit on Alice’s shoulder with a small fist. “You know what, we are worried about you.”

“Well, don’t cry. Your makeup has been messed up, and makes you look like a little dirty cat.” Alice wiped tears for Molly and comforted her.

Molly raised her hands, took Alice’s hands that helped wipe her tears, and pulled her to sit on the sofa over there.

However, Alice was caught by the dazzling ring on Molly’s ring finger.

She was about to get married, or was it that they were already married?

The heart instantly hurt like it was poked in by thousands of silver needles, which made her feel uncomfortable every time she breathed.

Molly was sitting on the sofa like nothing had happened, while Alice was in a maze. The two held two hands together on his legs, and Molly deliberately put her hands with the ring on top.

Her purpose was obvious, to let Alice see the ring on her ring finger.

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