Chapter 25 Return to Ex-husband’s House

Is his order?

Lily feels empty for a while. She feels pushed forward by others. He knows Rex’s possessiveness, but now he is willing to let her go back to Tim’s car?

This overturns Lily’s imagination, and makes her think that she might think herself too important again.

Rex looks at the little woman sitting opposite her. He doesn’t miss every tiny expression. She is surprised, flustered, and unbelievable. Now she is at a loss.

This reaction is much better than he thought at first, at least because of him, not because of Tim.

In the after the conversation, Lily seems a little absent-minded, and she needs to think about whether to go back to Tim’s villa.

After that, lawyer Smith leaves first. Rex is still sitting in his place. So is Lily.

One is calm and experienced, the other is vacant. There is a table between them, but the atmosphere is delicate.

“Give you a chance to go back to your ex-husband, unhappy?”

The calm voice of a man came from overhead. Lily raises his head abruptly, her delicate eyebrows twist. “What do you mean?”

Rex laughs and his chest vibrates slightly, making a deep and pleasant sound.

Lily sees his smile. She has a feeling of anger and grievance at the same time. She also feels that her divorce is a joke in his eyes.

The more she thinks about it, the worse she feels. She picks up the bag and turns to go. When her fingers just touch the doorknob, she is pulled back by a force.

At the corner of the door, the man holds her slim waist, and his palms rub her body. But Lily doesn’t want to talk to him. She is stubborn and could not speak. She stares at him with patience.

Rex sees that her pale face slowly dyes red under his own provocation, and her clear beautiful eyes become more and more charming.

Until the man’s hand pulls open her underwear, Lily finally couldn’t help holding his palm, “Rex, this is the reception room.”

“The corner is a surveillance blind spot.”

“…” Lily takes a deep breath. “No.”

Rex doesn’t care about her. This woman is a born goblin. Even if she doesn’t do anything, it just makes him unbearable that she stares at him like this.

He presses her against the wall. “Keep quiet.”

Lily is about to collapse. She keeps pushing him. “Rex, don’t be crazy!”

“Yes, I’m crazy.” The man pulls her hand, letting her feel real, “Why do you dress like this to seduce me?”

Lily looks at her dress. It’s simple and easy. Except for the low neckline, she can’t help cursing, “You’re obscene!”

“I’ll be obscene to you.” Regardless of her resistance, he directly breaks into her body.

Lily snorts and clenches her teeth for fear that she would make a shy voice. The wall in front of her makes her hurtful. She twists her body uneasily. An arm behind her comes across to block her body and the wall.

See, he’s always like this. He breaks her up in small details.

Once finished, Lily takes out the tissue from the bag and cleans for herself. The meeting room is filled with an indescribable smell. The two knows what it is. She is so ashamed and angry that she throws the tissue into a ball. “Beast!”

Rex ties the tie again, and looks at her, “who said she wanted more just now?”

“…” Lily turns around her face and doesn’t want to see him. “I will leave.”

“Lily.” He calls loudly.

Lily stops but doesn’t look back.

The man says seriously, “You can consider what lawyer Smith said.”

Consider what?

Back to Tim?

Lily’s anger flares again. Her delicate teeth bit his lower lip, and then let it go. She turns to stand in front of him. “Rex, do you think I can follow anyone? Yes, I’ve been your lover. I’m disgraceful. I’m not worthy to let you think highly of me. But I’ve never despised myself. You are my first man. I don’t care what you think of me, but I’m not a ball that you can play around! ”

As soon as she shouts, the man’s eyesight become deeper. He raises his hand to touch her delicate cheek. “So, you want to say that you are a mistress, but you only do it with me?”

Lily choked. She really wants to retort, but, as if it’s true.

But that’s not her point at all!

Rex sees that she is speechless. And he picks out his lips slightly. “Lily, I don’t treat you as a ball, and I won’t kick you to others. I ask you to come back to Tim just for evidence, not to revive your old love.”

As he saying, he takes out a silver snake bone chain from his pocket. He squats in front of her with his long legs slightly bent. Lily only feels the cold of her left wrist. The chain has been put on. “This is a tracker. If you dare to do sex with other, I will kill the adulterer first, and then break your legs.”

It turns out that Rex’s intimidation is still very useful. Lily finally agrees to this suggestion. At the same time, she also officially enters the law firm.

This series of things connected, let Lily have a strange illusion. When she returns to their villa, there is another way to see Rex every day.

Tim is informed by his aunt. He is surprised and even pushes the dinner with Jade to drive home.

Lily and the aunt is cleaning the second bedroom next to the master bedroom. Seeing him come in, Lily forces herself to calm down and says, “You are back.”

Tim’s eyes show a flash of surprise, and he would like to drag her into his arms. Lily dodges him. “Don’t touch me. I haven’t forgiven you yet.”

Tim doesn’t dare to make a mistake at the moment. He is afraid that she would leave again in a fit of anger. However, his attitude is still conceited. “Have you figured it out?”

It’s not an apology, it’s not an explanation. The first sentence is such a question?

Lily resists the impulse to blow his head off.

Tim nods contentedly and says without any shame. “For the sake of your initiative, I will let you go first this time. Lily, there is no second time. Understand?”

Lily smiles coldly, but does not speak.

“What are you doing here?”


“Stay?” Tim twists his eyebrows. He is a little fidgety and turns around the room twice. After driving out his servant, he says, “You and I are husband and wife. You need to sleep in separate beds?”

Before, he is the only one who didn’t go home. Lily never made such a request. But this surprises Tim, and he feel it is a little fresh.

It seems that the woman in front of him is no longer the one who was once submissive.

And he prefers to this kind of woman who understands the rejection. The more difficult it is to conquer things, the more he wants to conquer.

Lily sees all these expressions of him, and reaches out her hands to smooth the wrinkles on the bed sheet, “I have a habit of cleanliness. I can’t get used to the bed others have slept.”

It’s clear that what she means.

Tim is still immersed in the excitement just now. But he is choked by her and stares at her immediately. “Lily, not overdo!”

“It’s OK. You go out. I’m tired.” Lily doesn’t want to see him. She is in the same space with him, which makes every cell of her whole body uncomfortable to the extreme.

Tim slams the door and leaves. Lily is relieved, looks down at the chain on his feet. Just bear Tim again for a while.