Chapter 25 I saved you, you should devote your life to me

“What if I like you? And what if I don’t like you?” James Grayson asked meaningfully.

“I have a husband. I do not want to cross the limit and step on the lowest line of morality. I am not a person who likes to play with emotions. I believe there are many people out there who like Chief, and you do not need to walk on the knife’s edge.” Bella’s solemn reply.

James Grayson looked at her deeply. Her dark eyes seemed calm but deep inside they were fierce.

“It’s interesting to walk on the knife’s edge.” James Grayson equivocates and raised the corners of the mouth.

“Besides, I have just come to know the chief. We didn’t meet many times didn’t know each other well. We should leave some good impressions and stop it before it’s too late.” Bella explained she was clear and straightforward.

She believed that James Grayson was a wise man and could hear what she said.

James Grayson glanced at her chopsticks and said. “Have your meal.”

Bella bowed her head to eat.

The door was pushed from the outside.

Oscar Grayson stood at the door and looked at Bella seriously.

“Dad, why are you here?” James Grayson’s eyebrows were slightly raised.

Oscar Grayson walked over and threw the file on the dining table.

“You’ve been acting ridiculously lately. The doctors for Special Forces must be transferred from the military area. Can ordinary doctors have such qualifications?” Oscar Grayson questioned.

“This is my business. You are interfering in it.” James Grayson dropped his chopsticks and leaned back on his chair.

Oscar Grayson did not look at Bella directly. He looked at James Grayson and asked, “Who is she?” Who allows you to bring a woman in the military area? ”

James Grayson’s eyes reflected a sharp light.

He stood up, his whole body was stern and his voice was low. “Reporting to Vice President, this is my special military district, not your legislative assembly or your Central Intelligence Agency. If you think that I have done dereliction of duty then you can report it. Don’t interfere in my private life, if there is nothing else to discuss, please stay out of it. ”

“Mind your tone! If she is a spy or my political opponent, you will ruin your future.” Oscar Grayson gritted his teeth.

“If she proved to be, you can send me to the military court for the trial. Without considering our personal relationship as father and son. But if she is not, you have no right to interfere in my personal affairs.” James Grayson said indifferently.

“You are ruining your future.” Oscar Grayson.

“That’s my business too.” James Grayson.

Oscar Grayson helplessly ordered, “Tomorrow’s banquet must be attended. Otherwise, on Tuesday’s party, I will announce to the media that Anna Wilson is your fiance and my future daughter in law recognized by the Leo family!”

“Do you find that interesting?” James Grayson was stubborn. He hates life with dictation.

“Of course, I’m doing it for you.” Oscar Grayson dictates again.

He looked at Bella and said with great arrogance, “Don’t step into the military area again. This is not the place where you can come. If you have the intention of committing any crime, you will have to pay for it.”

Bella felt uncomfortable being scolded like that. She stood up and walked towards the door.

James Grayson took her arm and looked at Oscar Grayson proudly. “She’s my friend. I invited her here. Please respect her.”

“Respect?” Oscar Grayson took out a pistol and pointed it to James Grayson’s head. “I can kill you for your rebellious nature.”

James Grayson stepped forward and put his forehead against his gun. He was not afraid and looked at death as if he was going to die.

The gun was loaded.

Oscar Grayson didn’t put the gun away from his face.

James Grayson was still stubborn and fearless. The atmosphere was frightening and terrible.

Bella’s heart beats faster!

“I should leave. My husband is still waiting for me at home.” Bella jerk James Grayson’s hand and bowed to James Grayson. “Thank you for risking your life for me. It’s my mistake.”

She turned to Oscar Grayson bowed respectfully and explained, “Please don’t misunderstand the chief. I think the army and the people are a family. The last time the leader saved me. When the hostage was a pregnant lady. I wanted to pay back the chief with my own cooked meal. If you don’t like it, I won’t step in here again, you people talk. I’ll leave.”

She walked out without looking back.

“She’s here to thank you? She’s a married woman?” Oscar Grayson listened to Bella’s explanation and breathed a sigh of relief. He took the pistol back.

James Grayson did not reply and shouted, “Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown.”

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown came in and nodded with trepidation.

“Drop her back.” James Grayson ordered.

“Yes, Chief.” Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown answered.

When Bella reached the door Colonel Thomas rushed out. “Miss Bella, wait a minute. The chief ordered me to drop you at your place.”

“No. I’ll take a taxi.” Bella refused.

“Miss Bella, I have something to say about James Grayson.” Lieutenant Colonel added.

“What?” Bella asked.

“Get in the car then we will talk.” Colonel Thomas opened the door.

Bella sat in Colonel Thomas Brown’s car.

Colonel Thomas Brown looked kindly at Bella in the rear mirror.

“I think Chief likes you.” Colonel Thomas Brown was outspoken.

Bella blushed. “I don’t fit with him.”

“When other women try to kiss the chief, the chief must push them away. I’ve been with him for three years. He is a reputed man. But that night when you were drunk and kissed the Chief, he didn’t push you away.” Colonel Thomas Brown explained.

Bella was shocked at what he said.

That night, she was drunk, but she remembered nothing about what happened. She asked him what she had said and what she had done. But he said she did nothing. She had kissed him that night.

Bella felt very uncomfortable, and her chest was fluctuated violently. “I am married.”

“Married.” Thomas Brown was apparently somewhat surprised and laughed awkwardly. To engage in extramarital love will stain the bright prospect of the chief. This time, he felt that he had made a mistake.

“Ha-ha-ha, I’m just kidding, the chief has a beloved woman. He must have seen you drunk that night so he didn’t care. Our chief sometimes feels embarrassed to refuse a girl. I should have thought about it. Ha-ha-ha.” Colonel Thomas Brown immediately changed his mind.

Bella was stunned.

It turned out that he’s falling in love with someone. Maybe he felt something for her. As just an attraction for the opposite sex. Developed instantly and he will forget it in a while. Her jumping heart calmed down quietly.

One of them is in the sky, and the other is in the ground. It is impossible for them to be together.

Colonel Thomas Brown looked at Bella leaning against the window, cleared her throat and asked, “Where you want to go?”

Bella slowed down and said, “Take me to the hospital.”

Her cell phone rings.

Bella looked at the number. It was a strange number, she answered.

“Thank you.” James Grayson’s voice came from the cell phone.

Bella received his call. She felt a little embarrassed, “Actually, I am a practical woman. You saved me once and I saved you now. The dinner was to say thank you.”

“One meal from your side is enough to show your gratitude for saving your life? You should devote your life to me.” James Grayson said, with a light laugh and a vague taste of love in his tone.

Bella, “…”