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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 25 He Wants Her Coquetry

She bore everything alone; just to prove that she can live without him.

He let go of her weakly, opened the copilot’s door, and pushed her in.

Alice did not refuse, and the things he decided were difficult to change or even impossible to change.

After Benjamin got on the car, he quickly started the car, and along the way, the two did not communicate.

The speed was a little slower than yesterday, but it arrived soon enough. The place he parked the told her that he knew everything.

Alice turned her head to look at him, opened her mouth, and even if she didn’t say anything else, she wanted to thank him.

She tried very hard to make a little sound, but still weak.

He didn’t look at her. She was anxious. If it was before, she would hold his face in a domineering way, and turned his head and let him look at her.

This time was different.

She was not the Alice who could do everything in front of him, nor was he the Benjamin who will spoil her and bear all her bad habits.

She reached out carefully, and gently tugged the corner of his expensive suit, hoping that he would look at her.

A small movement of her, to Benjamin, was as if he had been shocked instantly, but as Alice thought, he was no longer the Benjamin who listened to her only.

He turned his head slowly and quietly, frowning. His expression was serious, but still patiently waiting for her to say something.

He couldn’t hear her, but received a smile of gratitude.

Before he could respond, she opened the door and got off.

Leaving Ben alone sitting in the driver’s seat, he motionlessly watched her slender back drift away until she disappeared in the hospital hall.

Exhausted, he lay down on the car seat, smiling a wry smile. He still cannot do anything about her.

When Jim told him about the parents of Alice three years ago, he had the illusion of being struck by thunder.

In the past three years, he had tried hard not to miss her, not to pay attention to anything about her, and every time he called home, he did not mention Alice, and his parents seemed unwilling to mention it.

However, he never thought that he would be deceived to go to Britain, even without the knife she drew in his heart.

Alice still won’t go to Britain, and he will still be sent to Britain for various reasons. They will eventually be separated.

He called to ask his mother why she didn’t tell him about his Uncle Smith’s suicide three years ago?

The answer the mother gave him was that Alice didn’t let her say it.

He was not stupid, what kind of person his mother was, and what kind of character Alice was, he knew well.

He was mad at the stupid Alice, why didn’t she rely on him, even if it was her last choice.

Now, even the God can’t stand it anymore and let them meet again. Why couldn’t she play the woman in front of him and cry about the grievances she had suffered in the past three years.

Even if she didn’t complain, just held him and cried for a while. At least she might feel better about the past three years’ suffering.

He had a headache at the thought of this, and raised his hand and rubbed the swollen temples, taking deep breath.

He did not feel better, but some things were not relieved in one or two days. It seemed that he needed to make a plan carefully to make her stupidly jump into his pit.

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