Chapter 25 He Started to Woo His Wife

There had been a magical bond between them. He could feel Vivian’s joys and sorrows, as if she had been by his side.

Now she was back in the flesh.

However, she would never smile at him. Her gentleness and smile had been promised to someone else.

Christian didn’t go home. He went directly to see the doctor who had saved Vivian’s life.

“Doctor, how is the patient you just treated?”

The doctor adjusted his glasses, looking serious.

“She isn’t doing very well. I can see that she has been receiving active treatments. But she still can’t handle any excitement. The heart disease can’t be easily controlled. The best treatment is heart transplantation.”

“Heart transplantation? Is the success rate high?”Frowning, he had never expected that Vivian was so seriously ill.

“With the right heart, the success rate is fairly high. The question is whether the right heart is available to her or not.”

Christian left the hospital staggeringly. He couldn’t get what the doctor had just said out of his head.

When he got home, he was restless. He tried to drink his worries away, but thinking of Vivian who was now lying in the hospital, he finally put down the wine glass.

The butler had thought that Christian would have brought home some good news. But he looked gloomier than ever.


The butler brought a cup of hot tea, trying to sooth his nerves.

“She is back.”

Christian said softly and sounded a little sad.

“But she has given up on me. I have lost her at the end.”

He laughed at himself. His eyes had rarely been so sad.

“If you still have feelings for Mrs. North, go ahead and impress her with your true heart. Stay determined to remain ready until you get what you want. I believe Mrs. North will certainly know how much you’ve loved her.”

Christian’s eyes lit up. Recalling the nice things she had done for him in the past, he felt warm and hopeful.

If Vivian could have loved him in such a humble way, why couldn’t he love her back in the same way? He clenched his fists and made up his mind.

He would try his best to woo her back.

Even though Vivian had chosen Patrick, Christian believed that he would have done better than him and eventually won her back.

After he had decided to win Vivian back, he cheered up a little. He was fully prepared to see Vivian with a new attitude.

The next morning, he got up very early and dressed himself nicely. Then he went to the hospital.

He was careful enough to buy breakfast for Vivian at the gate of the hospital.

When he arrived, Vivian had just woken up, stretching. He straightly walked into the room.

“Who let you come in?”

Vivian frowned and looked at him angrily.

“Here, it’s your breakfast.” He ignored her defensiveness and handed the breakfast over to her.

She didn’t take it, looking away.

“I don’t need your pretended kindness.”

She had expected him to lose his temper. But he just sat down, picked up the breakfast and tried to feed her himself.

“I’ll leave if you eat your breakfast. Otherwise, I’ll bother you the whole day.”

She was angrily because she had never expected that she would have been so shameless.

“I’ll do it on my own. You may leave now.” She took over the breakfast and gestured him to go.

He smiled, turned around and left the room.

“I’ll bring you lunch on time. Wait for me.”

She suddenly choked at his preview. She felt a little annoyed, watched him going away.

She decided to leave hospital as soon as possible to get rid of him.

Patrick had just picked up the baby from the clinic and took him home when he got Vivian’s call.

“You can’t leave hospital, Vivian. Be serious, you need rest.”

The moment Patrick answered the call, Vivian told him about her decision of leaving hospital.

She complained about Christian’s harassment, which made Patrick frown.

Christian had never done such things.

“Stay in the hospital, I’ll pick you up right now.”

Patrick finally listened to her because personally speaking, he didn’t want Christian and Vivian to see too much of each other.

Vivian was angry. She went home with Patrick, sullen and speechless on the whole way.

“Vivian, what’s wrong?” Patrick suspected that she had something on her mind, but he wanted her to tell him about it.

“In your opinion, what exactly is Christian doing anyway? He treated me badly when I loved him. Now I’ve left him, he has returned to haunt me.”

Vivian looked out of the window without paying too much attention. The city was flying by the car. She curled his lips and sighed.

“Why couldn’t he just wish me well?”

Patrick was slightly shocked. He had no idea what Christian was trying to do, either. But if he dared to hurt Vivian again, he would certainly make him suffer.

“Don’t worry. I won’t allow him to hurt you again.”

Patrick held Vivian’s hand gently. He was calm yet determined.

Vivian smiled with relief.

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