Chapter 24 Your love is too cheap

“If I don’t believe you, there’s no one in the world I can believe in.” Jessica had already signed. She grumbled and put the contract before him.

She was afraid of her brother, but that didn’t conflict with trusting him.

Ryan raised his eyebrow slightly. The corner of his lips seemed to be curved. After a pause, he picked up the contract and at the same time, he said in a cold voice, “Don’t bend down when someone is around you.”

“Why? Then if I drop something on the floor, how…”

“Huh?” Ryan looked up at her with his deep eyes.

“…Ok.” Anyway, there was nothing to lose. She just complied with it. After all, a great man knows when to yield and when not. “And, Ryan, I have to take part in the play. Can you grant me a leave?”

Ryan grunted assent. He gave her a leave slip which the date was blank. And then sealed, and threw to her. “Fill in.”

It’s blank…

She can write down any date she wanted…

Jessica was stunned for a moment, and then realized. She hugged the slip with joy and kissed it so hard that her fear of her brother was lessened.

“Dear brother, I love you so much!”

Ryan picked up a file which was needed to be dealt with. He opened the file and evaluated in a low voice. “Your love is too cheap.”

Luckily he was her brother. If anyone dared to say so, she would blow his brains out!

Jessica stared at him and made a stealthy punch. He suddenly looked up. She withdrew her hand and pretended to looked around.

“What did you want to do?” Ryan asked in a cold voice.

“Oh?” Jessica made a few body movements and said embarrassingly. “My arms and waist ached. Just get a little stretch. Ha ha…”

Ryan gave a sneer.

Jessica didn’t dare to pretend to move her body. She was standing like a coward with her head down.

“Your excuses are so stupid. Don’t say you are my sister.” Ryan glanced at the file and sighed his name. Then he threw it aside and said. “Staying here wait for me to see you off?”

“No, I am leaving now. See you, brother!”

Jessica swung the slip and walked out. But she went to the door and stopped. She clutched the door and said anxiously. “Brother, I said to my colleagues that you are my brother’s friend. Please don’t spill the beans.”

“Your brother’s… friend?” Ryan’s voice lowered.

He seemed to be angry, so Jessica hurriedly explained. “No! Please don’t misunderstand. I don’t dislike you! I just don’t want to be stared at and judged by everyone.”

The daughter of the Howards meant too much. And she worked in a newspaper. She didn’t know which of her colleagues would break the news to the public for performance.

“Well.” Ryan seemed to be satisfied with her answer and waved his hand, indicating that she could go out.

Jessica held a blank request for leave out of the door, and then she thought again, and backed.

“Anything else?” Hearing the noise, Ryan looked up at her coolly.

“Lend me your pen.” Jessica took the pen, wrote and explained in a low voice. “I fill in the date. If others see the blank slip, you would be in trouble.”

Ryan sniffed. “You’re still thinking about me.”

“Of course.”Jessica was a little embarrassed, and just wanted to ask him not to praise her because she could be shy. But she heard him. “Big Chance is only a branch of the Howard Group. Do you think I care about what employees think?”

“…” She thought, I know you’re awesome, okay?

Jessica listlessly lowered her head walking to the office. After a few steps, she was stopped halfway.

“Are you fired and crying?” Fiona was holding a stack of information in her hands and beamed. “With your lousy business skills, even if you don’t break the news of the boss, you’ll be fired.”

If it hadn’t been for Clara protecting this little bitch, she would have gone!

Jessica ignored her. She was afraid of becoming as stupid as Fiona, so she lowered her head to avoided her and wanted to walk on the other side.

But when she was passing Fiona, she was pulled by Fiona.

“Jessie, you are so sad. Are you afraid you won’t find a new job? My friend’s company just want to recruit a cleaner. For the sake of our friendship, I can introduce you to them.” Fiona put her hands around her chest and said proudly.

The bitch kept her head down, so she must have been crying and was afraid that I would make jokes at her, Fiona thought.

Jessica gave her a contemptuous look and called her stupid quietly. She was about to leave her, but Clara happened to come.

“Why don’t you go back to the office after finishing talking with the boss? What are you doing here? ” Clara grabbed her hand and hurriedly walked to the office. “The gold medal agent is waiting for you in our office. Be quick!”

Fiona was still dragging Jessica. She just went out to do something, and did not know what happened in the office. She was confused when she heard that. “Gold medal agent?”

Here was a newspaper. What was the agent doing here?

Was it because Jessica dig up some breaking news of famous star so she was chased by the agent?

She was ignored. Jessica slapped her hand away and followed Clara to leave.

Fiona looked at the back of the two people. She stamped her foot angrily.

She got fired, but she was still so arrogant!

Looking at the bitch in such a hurry, Fiona was sure that she wanted to rip that agent off before she quit. But she would not let the bitch get the money, Fiona thought.

Jessica opened the door of the office and saw a strange woman sitting on her seat. She had short hair, plain features but delicate makeup, who looked imposing and smart.

When she looked at the woman, the woman also looked back at her.

As a gold medal agent, Tina was cooperating with the best actor who was very popular at present. There was no need or desire to cultivate new actress. But it was the order of the boss, she had no choice but to accept the job reluctantly.

However, she looked at Jessica critically, but did not find anything wrong with her appearance.

Likewise, she couldn’t find any other advantage of Jessica besides beautiful appearance.

“Are you Jessica ?” Tina stood up. Her tone and expression showed great resistance and disdain.

They had to work together for a long time in future, so they didn’t have to make a scene right now. And Tina was a gold medal agent, but she had to work with a newcomer. It was normal for her to be in bad mood.

Jessica just ignored her discontent and nodded, “Yes.”

“Follow me.” Tina picked up the bag and said. Then, without looking at her, she strode out.


The people in the office were shocked when the door was slammed.

Clara poked Jessica in the elbow and said with an attitude of watching the fun. “Why does she look so bad? You got bad press of the best actor, and you made a price?”

“No.” Jessica said briefly in a small voice, “I am the heroine of the ‘Spy’. She came to sign me.”

Clara was shocked. After a while, she just realized that the ‘Spy’ was the TV series directed by Mr. Johnson.

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