Chapter 24 You Have Nothing to Say to Me

Alice looked down at Marco, not sure if she really knew the man.

Marco leaned her head on Alice’ shoulder a little harder, and then she almost fell down to t, thanks to the ground if not help by the handsome guy next to her.

“Just give her to me.” The handsome guy said with a smile.

Marco nodded in the arms of the handsome man, “Yes, Alice. Don’t worry. This is my man.”

Alice was very skeptical of Marco’s words, when did she change … boyfriend again.

Watching the man hug her on the cool motorcycle, and then tied a coat around the waist of the two, so that Marco won’t fall because of instability.

Seeing that the man was driving away, Alice was in a hurry. She took out the book and pen from the bag and quickly wrote on it, “Hey, you can drive to pick her up later. This is very dangerous.”

The handsome guy smiled at Alice, “I will send your words to my elder brother when I go back.”

Alice didn’t understand what he was saying. He changed his car to pick up his girlfriend. Need to apply with his elder brother?

The locomotive disappeared all at once, and there was nothing she could do but to rest assured, and turned to go in the opposite direction.

As soon as she turned around, the black car behind frightened her. Why did a car stop behind her? She looked up to the driver. The heart was startled again. How could it be him?

Chuck’s words flashed in her mind, ‘I will check. Do you think Ben will not check it? ‘Yes, he should also find out why she didn’t go to British three years ago, but what was he trying to do now?

Whatever it was, it can’t change the fact that she almost killed him three years ago.

No matter what he wanted to do, she always remembered what his mother Joan had said to her.

The autumn wind was very cold and the moon was shining bright, with stars dotted the sky. He was sitting in the car and gazing at her across the window, making it difficult to guess what he was thinking now.

He never spoke or showed sign of movement. Alice didn’t have the energy to continue to stand in the cold wind to stare at him. She was tired now. And if giving her a nest, she could sleep until dark.

Alice didn’t look away. Since he didn’t ask her to get in the car, she will go back by herself.

Alice, who had just gone pass the car, was dragged back by a powerful force. She didn’t need to know who this arrogant and angry power came from.

He had no pity for pushing her down on the car. Without much effort, he could hold her firmly.

He had deep eyes, staring at her for a long time without saying a word.

Alice couldn’t utter a sound now, and the power couldn’t resist him. She simply turned her head and didn’t look at him.

He was still angry, for what she concealed three years ago, so angry that she had to use a knife to kill him in order to leave him.

He should hate her now, hated her coldness, and hated her escape.

Her chin felt the temperature from his fingertips, and his hands were always warm as before.

He turned her face, forcing her to look at him.

His eyebrows tightened tightly, his eyes were full of pain and sadness, and his deep and thick voice was mixed with a helplessness buried in his heart for a long time, “You have nothing to say to me?”

Looking at him, she felt a pain in her throat, and her vocal cords were hurt because she was extremely restrained her from crying.

Silence. This was what he got. What was he expecting?

If she had a little trust and dependence on him like three years ago, she would tell him anything.

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