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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 24 Help Her Take a Bath

It’s nearly ten o’clock when Rex takes Lily back to the villa. Lily is asleep in the car. He is afraid that she will get up and make trouble. So he simply takes her out of the car.

When she reaches the comfortable bed, the little woman sighs contentedly. She wants to continue to sleep, but there are two hands touching her, so she pushes Rex without opening her eyes, “No…”

“What do you want to do? I’m going to fuck you!” Rex loses patience and tears the dress off her body without undoing the buttons.

All the clothes off, the white skin of the woman is bright and dazzling. And the blood in his body is burning. Rex doesn’t look at her more, and directly drags her into the shower.

The warm water rushes down from the top of her head. Now Lily has no sleepiness, and screams, “Ah! What are you doing, let go of me, let go! ”

Rex has headache because of her screaming. He slaps her little buttocks and says, “Shut up! You didn’t scream so hard in bed. Now you just know how to scream? ”

Lily can’t hear it at all and she can’t even stand steadily. “You’re an old rascal!”


Rascal is fine; after all, he has no self-control on her, but “old”? Is he old?

Lily is clever at this time. Before he asks, she explains, “You are thirty-two years old. I am only twenty-four. Old cows eat tender grass, and you earn a lot…”

Rex is stunned, then laughs. He takes the shower down and rushes on her without any tenderness. He pulls the bathrobe and wraps her in it.

He stops washing. She doesn’t feel well. He does also feel terrible.

The next morning, Lily wakes up with a headache and looks at the alarm clock at the head of the bed. It is nearly ten o’clock.

It’s lazy to sleep too long.

Lily raises her hand and rubs her face. Her sense is not fully awakened. Her mobile phone vibrates violently on the nightstand. She takes a look. It is Abby

She picks it up in a lazy voice. “Hello?”

“Lily ! Lily !!!!!”

The shrill scream comes from the microphone. Lily could not help taking her hand away and sticks it in again after the other side calms down, “What’s the matter with you?”

“Ah ah! I’m going to kill that bastard! ”

Lily’s questions . “Who?”



“He took me away last night!”

When she hears this, Lily is very worried. “What did he do to you?”

“He…” Abby says reluctantly, “He took me to the hotel and took off my clothes…”

Lily sits up from the bed, “Ah?”

“Then, did he…”

Abby scolds severely, “No, he tied my hands and feet to the bed.”

“…” Lily is shocked. “Tied?”

“He looks well. But actually he does not have the ability to sex. I used to think that Orson is a very powerful man. Ah, I was just blind that time!”

Lily can’t follow Abby? “Orson? Do you know him? ”

“You don’t know? The law firm was founded by Rex and Orson. Last night, maybe Rex didn’t want to attend me so he threw me to Orson.” Abby would not say anything more. It’s a shame. “Didn’t Rex lose temper to you last night?”

About last night, Lily almost forgets, and only remembers some fragments, “it seems no. ”

“That is fine.” Abby says, “Lily, I think Rex is quite good for you. He came to see you in the evening. It’s very kind of him.”

Lily is surprised by what she is saying. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

After hanging up the phone, Lily goes back to bed. Last night’s scene flashes in her mind, including the last sentence she said in the car.

Lily takes the pillow and puts it on her face. The temperature on her cheeks is rising rapidly. She must be crazy to say that to Rex.

But last night, Rex didn’t do something terrible to her.

Lily holds the thought that she would not die too badly tonight. She wants to get ready in the afternoon and make a meal in the evening to please Rex. Unexpectedly, at noon, she receives a phone call from Rex, asking her to go there, which is related to the lawsuit.

Lily is not afraid to neglect the business, and takes a taxi directly.

Rex is in charge of her case. Naturally, they will meet each other. But this time, the procedure is a lot. It’s in the VIP reception room of law firm.

Besides Rex, there is lawyer Smith, who Abby recommended before.

As soon as she pushes the door in, she receives a cold look from Rex. Lily takes a breath and forces herself to sit calmly in the chair opposite the two men.

“Miss, I’d like to discuss with you. There are some matters that need your cooperation in the case.” Lawyer Smith pushes a cowhide file bag from the desk.

Lily takes a look at it, and the blood on her face gradually fades away. The men and women in the photo are entangled in the place she used to be most familiar with, the living room, the kitchen, even the bedroom.

Looking at the terrible action, Lily has a fit of nausea, puts the photos back in, and her fingertips quiver, “How do you have these photos?”

Lawyer Smith smiles, “The reason why the winning rate of our law firm is so high is that we have our means, but you can rest assured that these are true.”

Lily reluctantly pulls out a smile, but it makes people feel sad, “I know.”

She doesn’t believe that it’s fake.

Rex sees the woman’s pale face; the temperature in his eyes gradually turns cool. “It’s not too late to give up appeal.”

Lily looks at him. “What?”

“Still have nostalgia?”

She is shocked at the bottom of her heart, but understands what he means, and immediately restrains her face. “No, I’m just angry.”

With that, Rex doesn’t look at her anymore, but hands over a pile of forms. “This is the financial statement of Tim’s company in recent years. After checking, we found that it was untrue information.”

Lily can’t understand, “What do I need to do?”

“Because you appeal in this lawsuit is to obtain more property, now we hope you can cooperate and know about your husband’s assets.” Lawyer Smith says.

Lily frowns, thinking of Tim’s appearance of avoiding her after marriage. “I can’t touch the asset. After marriage, he kept it from me deliberately.”

Lawyer Smith nods and raises his glasses. “Actually, I suggest you stay at home for a while.”

Lily is shocked. “But…”

“I understand your difficulties, but for the sake of lawsuit, I hope you can bear it, and we will protect your legitimate rights and interests.”

“…” Lily’s hand on the table immediately ties. Subconsciously, she looks at Rex, who is also looking at her. There is no emotion in her calm black eyes.

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