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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 23 Sell Wine Only

Alice sat at the corner of the sofa, bowed her head and said nothing. How did Benjamin survive? At least he had passed through, right?

And she? She was still suffering.

Chuck saw she didn’t say anything, feeling very heavy. He didn’t mean to blame her, but when he knew the real reason why she didn’t go to England with them three years ago, he felt extremely guilty about her.

Not to mention Ben. He must have checked when he went back last night.

Benjamin must have a lot more guilt than him.

In the past three years, Benjamin had lived like a demon that lost his soul. No one dared to mention the name Alice in front of him, and no one dared to ask him, when will he return to China?

At that time, when he recovered, and discharged from the hospital, he locked himself in the room, not talking to anyone, not eating anything, but drinking and smoking, and even thinking about drugs.

After torturing himself for two weeks, he returned to the hospital, not because of the heart, but because of stomach bleeding.

He tossed himself to half-death, and after he was finally discharged from the hospital again, he was not torturing himself anymore, but the smile disappeared from his face.

He dared not imagine that when he saw Alice, who was selling wine in the bar last night, how did Benjamin spend the whole night after going back, and he did not dare to think about that, when he learned the truth three years ago, what would he be like.

“Alice, it’s not that I’m more partial to Ben. Even if you can’t go back, please don’t work here. It’s too cruel to Ben.”

Alice bit her lips and lowered her head. “There are no high and low jobs. I didn’t steal nor rob. I only sell alcohol, not myself. Why can’t I work here? The money here comes quickly. I can get more than a hundred dollars. I need money. You don’t understand the feeling of poverty. ”

She didn’t say it loud. She didn’t have any extra emotions when she spoke. She was simply telling her thoughts.

Alice herself knew best that she still was too much self-esteem and didn’t want to bow her head in front of her friends. Even if she became like this, she still wanted to live proudly.

She stood up and smiled a standard smile at Chuck. “I’m quite short of money, so I won’t accompany you here to talk more.”

Chuck did not prevent Alice from leaving. He was afraid that he would not be able to control his feelings that had been suppressed in his heart for many years.

After Alice walked out of Chuck’s private room, she felt powerless. She helped the wall to keep herself still.

It was all gone, wasn’t it?

Even if Benjamin had a bad time in the past three years, that was all passed, right?

It would pass anyway.

It was still three o’clock in the morning. Since she saw Benjamin last night, her heart was broken. And she was so sad that her throat would not utter a voice.

The bartenders who worked there in the bar all knew her situation, and waved goodbye to her, suggesting that she might drink more water. They hoped to hear her again tomorrow evening.

Marco was drunk again tonight, but it was undeniable that she got the most money tonight.

Alice helped Marco, who cannot stand still, to get a taxi. A cool locomotive came and stopped in front of them.

“Leave her to me.” The handsome guy on the locomotive was ready to help Marco.

Alice didn’t know the man, and he was not allowed to touch Marco. She was speechless now, but just stared at him with round eyes, meaning, ‘Who are you? ‘

Half drunk and half awake, Marco laughed and drowned, “Dear, you are here.”

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