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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 23 Reunion

“Who says the baby is yours?”

As Christian and Patrick were arguing, there came a clear woman’s voice.

Christian’s eyes were suddenly wide open. Vivian walked out of the back of the house.


Christian left Patrick and the baby behind. Right now he felt dizzy, as if he had been in a dream. The sudden joy was overwhelming.

Christian strode over to Vivian and held her in his arms.

Vivian had been grinding medicine powder for the baby in the backyard. She heard two men whispering in front of the house. At first she hadn’t paid much attention, but the baby’s sudden cry had startled her.

Despite her trust in Patrick, she subconsciously had to rush out to check on the baby.

But she froze at the sight of Christian.

She had thought that she would never have seen Christian again. She was well-educated after all. She had a clear idea of what one should hate or love. She had decided to leave Christian forever.

Moreover, she had her beloved baby. She had sworn not to break her heart for anyone again.

She had assumed that Christian would have been living a happy life with Jessica back home. She had been determined not to mess with them again.

She had settled down. Yet the moment she laid eyes on Christian, she panicked.

She tried to calm down and took a deep breath. She was collected when she walked out of the house.

Christian’s eyes lit up when he saw Vivian. When he held her in his arms, his hands couldn’t help trembling.

Vivian could sense his excitement. For a moment, she felt something different. But it was quickly replaced by indifference.

She struggled to pull away from him in disgust.

“Mr. North, please behave yourself.”

She smoothed her clothes where Christian had touched, as if fearing that he had affected her with virus. He saw her indifference, which was quite upsetting.

Vivian walked to Patrick and looked at the baby lovingly. She carefully took the baby over. The baby happily waved his hands when he saw his mother.

The way Vivian and the baby had responded to each other made Christian feel sad and helpless.

Vivian raised her head to take a glance at him and saw his embarrassment.

“This is the baby of Patrick and I. Mr. North, you are Patrick’s friend. You’d better not to make nonsense. Otherwise we might turn into enemies.”

“Is that so? Patrick just admitted that the baby wasn’t his.” Vivian had been so difficult to cope with. He wasn’t sure if the baby was his, but he wouldn’t be easily fooled.

Vivian smiled generously and leaned on Patrick.

“He said that because we haven’t gotten our marriage license yet. Patrick did it on purpose to protect my reputation.” She smiled at Patrick shyly. From an outsider’s point of view, she was too convincing.

But Christian wasn’t convinced. He stared at Patrick fiercely.

If he hadn’t have changed, he would have taught Vivian a lesson. But now that he had just found her, he loved her too much to argue with her. It took time to prove to her that he had learnt from his previous mistakes.

“Vivian…I need to talk to you.”

Vivian was surprised to see his modesty.

“Say anything you want right here, because I don’t want my fiance to be jealous.”

Christian’s heart sunk. He tried his best to calm down. He just wanted to apologize to her and beg her to forgive him as quickly as possible.

“I’m sorry…I treated you unjustly.” Christian didn’t know what to say. He had been quite eloquent in time of verbal abuse. But now he was at a loss for words.

Vivian sneered. She wasn’t interested in what Christian had to say at all.

“Mr. North, you don’t need to apologize to me. We don’t owe each other anything. Anyhow, in your opinion, you are the only one to decide whether it’s right or not, aren’t you?”

It seemed that Vivian had forgotten about the past and moved on.

“Mr. North, just go back home. Your girlfriend would have a heart attack if she knew that you are here right now. I can’t afford to be blamed again.”

Vivian snorted and turned around to leave.

Christian quickly stopped her. He was anxious.

“I’m sorry, Vivian, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have trusted Jessica. Everything about her was a lie. Please forgive me, will you?”

Christian had never apologized to anyone before. But at the moment, he was panicked and helpless, like a little boy who had done something wrong.

Vivian sneered. She just ignored him.

Christian saw her indifference. He sweated all over with worry and kept apologizing to her.

She insisted ignoring him. When she found him extremely annoying, she couldn’t help shouting at him.

“Christian North, what are you doing? We got divorced. I don’t care whether you are right or not. Please leave me alone!”

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