Chapter 23 I haven’t played enough with you

“It seems that Jack is really having fun.” Ramsey Clinton said and was ready to go in. After Jack Turner came out the next turn will be his.

Bella’s beautiful, arrogant and not easy to get close to. He had some kinds of thought about her for a long time and now he got an opportunity to get her. He has taken his medicines and it doesn’t matter that if he doesn’t able to get up for the next two days. He just couldn’t miss this opportunity. It would be hard to get Bella again.

David Wilson glanced at Ramsey Clinton, who was indulged in his thoughts.

Although Mr. Clinton was moving vigorously while fucking another woman but his eyes were continuously fixed on Bella’s room.

David Wilson felt a little upset. His wife was getting fucked by another man. He pushed aside his “slave” and walked towards Bella’s room.

Bella was still hanging at the window. She wanted to step on the air-conditioning shelf on the second floor that was not at a big distance but also not so close that she could easily step in.

The man on the second floor opened the window.

“Beautiful girl, can I help you?” A man’s voice came.

Bella was afraid of encountering disgusting people like Jack Turner again. She did not dare to respond.

But when she heard someone was knocking at the door, she got afraid and said, “Yes, please.”

Adam Wilson took a chair placed it near the window, stepped on the chair and brought Bella in. He was surprised and asked, “You?”

“Do you know me?” Bella was suspicious.

James Grayson heard Bella’s voice and he looked back at Bella.

“How you get in here?” asked James Grayson.

Bella was even more shocked to hear James Grayson’s voice. But when she saw him, she felt a lot of peace in her heart.

“Difficult to explain in few words.” Bella was too embarrassed to tell anyone that her husband gave her to some other men to enjoy.

After this incident, she and David Wilson really cannot stay together.

Adam Wilson looked at James Grayson and then at Bella. From the time James Grayson came to meet him, he was silent. He just drank alcohol. He didn’t ask him anything nor did he said something to him. He seldom had such depressive moments. Maybe, there was something related to Bella.

“Are you drunk?” Adam Wilson asked Bella.

Bella did not understand why Adam Wilson asked such question, but she frankly said, “No, what’s wrong?”

“So you’re here just at the right time. We all are drinking alcohol. James Grayson drank the most and he didn’t bring anyone with him. Please drop him back.” Adam Wilson said with a casual laugh.

Bella looked at James Grayson. She was a little confused. If she refused bluntly she would be mean. After all, just a moment ago they had saved her. She didn’t refuse it, but her heart was twisted again. She didn’t want to make more encounters with James Grayson.

“Come on, I have something urgent to deal with.” James Grayson stood up and handed the car key to Bella.

Bella took the key and realized what a foolish thing she had done.

In the car

Nobody spoke. There was pin-drop silence.

James Grayson sat in the back seat. His eyes were stick at the rearview mirror. The lights of the streetlights flickered into his dark eyes. It was like hiding inside a fierce beasts.

“Bella.” James Grayson.

Suddenly he uttered a voice, Bella was shocked, “Yes.”

“I remember you owed me a meal, right?” James Grayson murmured.

“Oh, yes.” Bella replied.

“There’s a supermarket ahead. Go and buy some food. I haven’t had dinner yet.” James Grayson used a commanding tone.

Bella thought that she would never refuse what she owed to him.

“What do you want to eat?” Asked Bella softly.

“Is it what I want to eat, you’ll surly make for me?” James Grayson asked in reply.

His tone was very strange and had more than one meaning.

Bella was stunned for a moment then she added, “That also depends on supermarket, what will be available there?”

James Grayson felt annoyed. He was drank so he talked nonsense.

“Do what you are good at.” James Grayson’s emotions were crushed.

In a moment they reached at a supermarket. Bella drove towards the food mart.

James Grayson gently lifted his hand gave the cart to her and said nothing. They looked like a sweet young couple.

Bella put carrots, onion, meat slices, pork and eggs in the cart.

She moved the cart to the seafood section.

“It’s the season for lobster. I’m good at lobster. What you think?” Bella asked.

“Um.” He emitted this sound from his throat and there was a flicker of uneasiness in his eyes.

Bella’s cell phone rang.

She looked at, it was David Wilson. She twisted her eyebrows with anger. She also needed to talk to him.

“Excuse me, I have to answer a phone.” She stepped aside and answered.

“Where are you?” David Wilson was driving the car, and asked impatiently.

“I’ve done of this life. When do I get divorced?” Bella was more impatient.

“You wanted to marry me. Now you want to get divorced. Sorry, I haven’t played enough with you.” David Wilson hung up the phone.

Bella wanted to throw his cell phone and her fingernails were all white.

“Do you want a divorce?” When she turned she looked at James Grayson standing beside her.

Bella was stunned. It was always embarrassing to be seen by others.

“Um.” She responded, unwilling to say more and went to the seafood section to choose lobster.

James Grayson looked at her and felt better after a gloomy evening.

There were a lot of people in the queue. Everyone was here to buy food items for the dinner. They’re twenty plus people in the queue.

Bella looked at the onions and thought it would take a long time to get their turn. He said to James Grayson, “You stand there in the line. I’ll get a box of chewing gum.”

“Um.” James Grayson nodded.

Bella turned to look for chewing gum.

James Grayson looked at too many people and said, “I’m lining up in the queue at the supermarket of the moon International. There are too many people here. Send someone to deal with this.

Bella came over with a box of chewing gum. She saw James Grayson standing in front of the cash counter. There was nobody behind him.

Bella was surprised and saw that the other counters are full. “Why don’t they come here to check out?”

James Grayson put her chewing gum in a plastic bag. “There’s no check out here.”

He went out with the bag.

Bella followed and questioned, “Have you misused your military power?”

“No, this supermarket is owned by my family.”

Bella, “…”

James Grayson opened the trunk and put the shopping bags in it.

Bella saw the things that Amelia William bought for her were also placed in the back carriage, her face turned red.

This time, James Grayson was sitting beside her not on the back seat.

“Help me, fasten my seat belt.” James Grayson murmured.

Bella felt that his request was too embarrassing. Maybe he’s used to a lot of servants. She approached him and hold the seat belt.

James Grayson looked at her pink face and exhaled on her face. She felt the taste of wine that has not been scattered yet.

Bella looked up at him.

He reached out and pressed the back of her head. His lips fell on her lips.

Bella widened her eyes and stepped back.

But his hand was so strong that she couldn’t hold back at all.