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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 21 So scared

Jessica thought for a while, but did not come up with a reason. She just gave up, and drove carefully.

A year ago… Except for the memories of a period of a time were not very clear, nothing special.

She was not a thoughtful person, so she just didn’t think it if she couldn’t think it through.

Half an hour later, they arrived home.

“Mom, what happened to your hand?” When Jessica walked in the door, she saw the servant was dealing with the cut on her mother’s hand.

A large bandage was wrapped around her index finger and it was still stained with bright blood, which looked horrible.

The mother was depressed. “Mary asked for leave today because her daughter-in-law gave birth to a baby. And I wanted to cook. Who knows…”

Mary was a cook.

“How could you be so careless? Does it hurt?” Jessica grew up with the mother since she was a little girl, so she felt pity for the mother when she saw the mother was hurt. She quickly leaned over.

The mother saw her puckered face and comforted her. “I’m fine! Jessie, you and your brother wait for a moment here. I will cook for you after a while.”

“How can you cook when you are like this…” Jessica frowned and mumbled a few words. Jessica rolled up her sleeves and spoke out sternly from a sense of justice. “I’ll do it.”

Let her cook?

The mother looked terrified and her face was screwed, but looking at her eager face, the mother did not have the heart to say no finally.

Do you want to make instant noodles with too much vinegar and salt? Or do you want to make charred pepper and salt ribs? Or, you want to let us eat boiled cabbage?” Ryan took off the suit jacket and handed it to the servant.

Jessica, “…”

She blushed with a rush, whose cheeks were puffy with anger. “I…I just made a mistake.”

Could her brother not to mention her embarrassing things?

“Ha.” Ryan gave an unidentified smile. No one knew whether it was sarcasm or something.

Jessica met his eyes and had a guilty conscience instantly. Her voice faltered. “Then I…I can help as assistant to my brother, can … can I?

Ryan raised his tip of the eyebrow slightly and turned to the kitchen.

After a few steps, he stopped again , turned around and said in a cold voice. “Don’t you come?”

“…Oh, ok.” Jessica shrank her neck and followed him hurriedly. She was crying bitterness without ceasing in her mind.

Was she just crazy or silly? How could she offer to help her brother as assistant?

So scared.

Their kitchen was very big. Ryan went in and directly to the table. However, Jessica arrived at the door but didn’t went in. She stood close to the door which was five or six meters from him.

Ryan was facing the table but his sight landed on her. Seeing how she avoided him, he pressed his thin lips tightly and took the knife. His hands were beautiful, long and jointed, so that when he held the knife, it was more like making art than cutting vegetable.

The picture was beautiful, like a close-up shot in an idol drama.

But Jessica’s neck shrank even more. How did her brother look like in a bad mood?


Wanted to go!

She swallowed and tried to sneak away, but she was called when she just took half a step. “Jessie.”

“… Huh?” Jessica’s heart missed a beat. She stood there and smiled embarrassingly. She suddenly had a feeling that she was found cheating in the exam by the teacher.

Ryan looked down to cut the food and didn’t looked at Jessica. He just said coolly, “Tie the apron for me.”

Jessica didn’t like close contact with him, and whispered, “You are too tall. I can not reach.”

The sound of cutting food stopped. He put down the knife and turned to look at her, whose eyes were deep.

Jessica caught sight of him suddenly. Her heart had a hard shiver and then it was beating violently. She didn’t know if it was fear or throbbing.

“Come.” Her figure was reflected in Ryan’s pupil. His mood was unknown and his voice was indifferent and cold.

Her brother seemed angry, and he was super angry.

When the thought came into her mind suddenly, she had no time to think why he was angry. The desire for survival made her take off her apron voluntarily and ran to him.

“Brother –” she called sweetly, with some ingratiation.

Jessica herself did not realize at all. Her eyes were glistening with a layer of tear at that time. And she looked lovable and somewhat confused and timid. What a temptation for men.

Ryan swallowed, made a fist slightly and withdrew his eyes. He answered coolly.

“Ryan, please bend down, I can’t reach.” Jessica whispered.

Ryan took an indifferent glance at her. He didn’t make a sound, but bent down slightly. Jessica swallowed, and put an apron on him with trembling eyelashes. Then she went around behind him and tied the apron around him.

He had taken off his suit jacket and was wearing only a thin shirt. Her hands swept across his waist by accident, which made his muscles tighten and stop breathing subconsciously.

When he exhaled the breath, the sound was much louder.

But, when he saw Jessica’s hands were trembling, the look froze on his face. He asked in a cold voice, “Why are you shaking?”

Jessica just tied the belt at the back of his apron and froze when she heard that. “No…nothing…ah!”

As she spoke, his hands fell suddenly on her waist. Her body revolved 180 degrees, and when she looked up again, she was already encircled between his chest and the table by her brother.

The table behind her was cold, but his chest in front of her was hot.

Jessica was sandwiched between the ice and fire. Her eyelashes fluttered like the wings of the butterfly and her body began to shake somewhat uncontrollably.

In fact, she had always been on good terms with her brother, and she was not afraid of him before.

But she didn’t know why, from about a year ago, she was afraid to see him. She couldn’t tell, but she just feared instinctively when she saw him.

Jessica looked up at her brother’s handsome but indifferent face, and quickly bowed her head. She stammered worse, “Ryan, what…what…what’s wrong with you?”

When Ryan saw she was so afraid that her face even looked pale, his eyes darkened and his handsome face was tight.

He did not speak, so Jessica was more afraid. “Ryan?”

“All right.” Ryan straightened up and picked up the knife again, but this time he did not look at her. “You should go out.”

Jessica didn’t know what was wrong with him. She stood beside him and asked carefully. “Ryan, have I done something to make you angry?”

“Go out.” He didn’t answered or look at her.

Jessica’s heart was sour and uncomfortable suddenly, but she couldn’t tell the feeling. She stood beside for a moment. She was still a little afraid of her brother, so she quietly exited.

“Couldn’t be helpful and was driven out by your brother?” The mother saw her come out and teased.

Usually Jessica would reply mischievously, but this time she just gave an absent-minded grunt. And then she sat on the sofa silently.

The mother knew her daughter the most.

Jessica was not the biological daughter of the mother, but Jessica grew up with her like her own daughter. Therefore, when she saw Jessica’s behavior, she found something wrong sensitively. “What’s the matter? Unhappy?”

“No.” Jessica said glumly.

The mother tugged her corner of the mouth. “Not unhappy, but why your lips pout? Did your brother bully you?”