Chapter 21 Persecution of Parents

When she leaves the law firm, Lily still scolds Rex. Although Rex arranges a driver for her this time, it all originates from his behavior towards her just now.

Lily rubs her shoulders and scolds Rex. When she goes to work in the future, she must be eight feet away from him. Otherwise, she may be taken away by him at any time. Then she may not go to work.

“Miss, are you going directly to the villa?” The driver asks kindly.

Lily thinks for a while, “Go to Golden Gate District.”

She hasn’t visited her parents for some time. Last time, in addition to Tim’s terrible thing, she should go back to have a look.

Half an hour later, the car stops at the gate of the community, Lily gets off the car and goes upstairs with some supplements bought by the shop on the way. There is no elevator in the old community. She climbs up the fourth floor with a pile of things alone.

It’s Bree who opens the door. Seeing her with some big bags and small bags, she immediately answers, “Why didn’t you call me and your father when you arrived? Let’s help you go downstairs and get some.”

“It’s OK, mom. That’s all. It’s not heavy.”

“Come in quickly.”

It is a small room with two bedrooms and one hall. Harry, Lily’s father, is practicing calligraphy on the dining room table. It’s a habit for many years and can’t be put down.

“Dad.” Lily walks over and gives a friendly shout.

Harry is always very kind to her. They are also very indulgent to her. Even if she gets married, they still treat her as a child every time they come back.

But this time, Harry is totally abnormal. Obviously, he replies, “You still know how to come back.”

Lily doesn’t understand. Bree eases embarrassment quickly, “OK, my daughter is back. What’s your anger?”

“What do you think why I’m angry? I’m ashamed that Tim’s family has called us to complain!” Harry puts the brush in his hand heavily.

Lily is worried when she feels something strange. “Dad, did Tim look for you?”

Bree lets out a sigh and pulls Lily aside. “It was not Tim, it was Susan.”

Lily frowns. “What did she want to do?”

Bree hesitates to take a look at her daughter and says, “Lily, haven’t you been home recently?”


Lily thinks that Tim might use this to threaten her, but she doesn’t think that he really has this face to tell on her to her parents here.

Harry thinks it is the default when she doesn’t speak. He is angrier. “Lily, you are married. No matter how big a problem you have, you still must go home. Do you know how much you will leave others to talk about?”

Lily says, “What talk I leave?”

It’s Tim’s problem.

“If you don’t go home and a woman is outside, what do you say what talk will leave? Susan came to me and said that you have other man outside. Your mother and I are so ashamed that we can’t speak! ”

Originally, they wanted to keep it to themselves. They wanted children to solve their own problems. Today, when Lily came, Harry couldn’t hold his anger. Bree had no time to stop this.

Spilled water cannot be gathered up

Lily listens to her father’s words and looks at him incredulously. “Dad, what do you say? When others slander me, do you slander me?”

Up to now, she doesn’t care how the Tim’s family thinks of her. What she cares about is the opinions of her close relatives. Even if Susan scolds her with ten sentences, it’s not worth a word of Harry.

Lily feels the collapse from the bottom of his heart? “I have someone outside? Tim and Jade are together. How can I go back! That’s not my home for a long time! ”

Voice down, Harry and Bree are stunned, the amount of information is too large, the old two a little can’t accept.

“Do you say Tim is getting along with others?”

Lily takes a deep breath. She didn’t want to say it, but what Harry said just now is undoubtedly the last straw that killed her. “Yes, it’s not that I don’t follow the women’s way, it’s Susan who told a lie for his son!”

After that, Lily feels a little over excited, relieves her mood and says, “Dad, mom, I have decided to divorce, and you don’t need to pay attention to Tim’s family in the future.”

“Divorce?!” Bree is stunned for two seconds. Then she sits down on the sofa, her eyes red. “Do evil!”

Harry obviously doesn’t expect such a result. Compared with Bree’s sadness, he is angrier. “Lily, you wanted to marry Tim at the beginning, but you wouldn’t listen to me and your mother’s opposition. Now, divorce? It’s easy to say. Do you know what you have to face after the divorce! ”

“I know what I can do. I still have to face it!” Lily can’t help but raise the volume. It’s not her who does the wrong thing. Why does everyone put the mistake on her head?

Harry’s chest heaves sharply. “Since it’s your choice, there’s no way out. Have you fooled with one eye open and one eye closed, divorce? I can’t lose my face! ”

He had been working in government agencies all year round. Even though he left his job, Harry still is keen on face-saving.

All Lily’s retorts are blocked by this sentence. There is no need to say anything. If other people don’t understand you, you mean that no matter how much you say, he won’t understand.

“Well, I’m ashamed. You are ashamed of me. I’ll go.”

Lily picks up her bag and walks towards the door. Bree doesn’t hold her back. Seeing her leave angrily, she couldn’t help shedding tears. “Harry, if something bad happens to your daughter, we’ll divorce!”

When Lily comes out of the stairway, she cries. She runs to the small garden in the community, sits on the stone bench, and silently sheds tears. When she thinks that Harry lets her open one eye and closes one eye, Lily’s sad heart is twisted into a ball.

Didn’t it happen?

She doesn’t have such a big heart. She is selfish. She can’t turn a blind eye to what happened, let alone, letting others to trample on her feelings. Jade’s and Tim’s actions are like shit. They disgust her all the time. She can’t convince herself.

Lily sniffs. She never wants too much. She used to love Tim so much. No matter what he did, she only ate. Even if Susan gave her so much anger, she could bear it, as long as he had her in his heart.

Unfortunately, he didn’t want to give even a little.

Yes, this road is her own choice. She married a man she loved wholeheartedly regardless of her parents’ opposition. Is that wrong?

She didn’t have bright eyes and she met wrong people. All just because she loved wholeheartedly, and this love is full of holes.


The mobile phone in her pocket vibrates, and Lily doesn’t seem to hear it. She lets it vibrate, but the other side seems to be stubborn with her.

Taking out the mobile phone, it’s Tim’s call.

“Hello, how can you take so long to answer the phone?” Tim’s impatient voice comes.

Lily’s whole body’s grievance and anger rise into a ball. Hearing this sentence, she feels like being stabbed by a needle and suddenly lets out her anger. “Tim, have you had enough trouble?”

She overestimates herself. Such endless struggle and entanglement, she couldn’t do it.

The woman’s voice has a strong nasal sound, even a little shaky. At the other end of the phone, Tim sits up straight from the office sofa. “Are you crying?”

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