Chapter 21 A Woman Who Looked Very Like Her

Christian wasn’t mad at all. He was full of joy right now. His intuition told him that the young woman Patrick had taken with him was certainly Vivian.

“I knew you aren’t dead…Vivian…” Clenching his fists and beaming with joy, he looked like a boy whose favorite toy had been returned to him.

He would get her back by all means.

However, there had been no progress regarding the search of Vivian since he heard about Patrick. His men kept searching for them, while Christian decided to stop drinking.

He couldn’t be a decadent. He must go strong and wait for Vivian’s return.

After Vivian was gone, he renovated the house because it had been previously decorated in the way Jessica liked.

He had gotten rid of everything that reminded him of Jessica. The house took on a new look now.

The Josephs had begged him to take Jessica back for many times. He rejected them every time.

He was in no position to forgive her on behalf of Vivian.The days of searching for Vivian were long, but Christian was full of hope.

A year later, his persistence finally paid off.

It was an ordinary day and Christian was attending his newly purchased lily. When Vivian was home, he remembered, she had liked decorating the room with a bouquet of fresh lily,

But Jessica had always ordered the maid to get rid of the flower on the ground of her allergy.

Whenever Vivian had tried to argue with Jessica, he always scolded her.

“Master, there is some news.”

Christian suddenly turned around, looking surprised and joyful.

“What news?”

The butler couldn’t help feeling happy for his master.

“We’ve got some news. In a small clinic of City R, they found a woman… who looked very like Mrs. North.”

“Get the car ready!”

Christian could hardly hold back his excitement. He was thrilled.

A year ago when Vivian was nowhere to be found, he had refused to give up and sent men to search for her in every corner of the country at all costs.

He had refused to believe that Vivian wouldn’t come back.

The moment she set foot on the country, she would be on his radar.

“Vivian, wait for me.”

He put on a long-lost smile. In the past year, he had turned over a new leaf and whole-heartedly waited for her return.

Now, he would finally get what he had wanted.

“Hurry up!” He kept telling the driver to go faster. He wished he had wings so that he could fly to City R as quickly as possible.

The driver smashed the gas pedal. The car was driving fast, but not as fast as Christian wanted it to be. He was afraid he might lose her again if he hadn’t gotten there too late.

Half an hour later, the driver took a long breath of relief. They had eventually gotten there safe and sound.

Christian got off the car and looked around.

It was a remote village full of ancient houses with their individual original colors. It looked mysterious.

Frowning, he saw a house with a small sign.

“It’s a small clinic indeed.”

He laughed. How ridiculous the sign was!

When he was hesitant to go in the clinic, a man walked out of the house. Christian froze at the sight of the man.

It was Patrick in plain suits. He was handsome as ever, and he looked more gentle.


Apparently, Patrick was shocked to see him again. They had been best friends, but now neither of them knew what to say.

Christian smiled. Walking toward Patrick, the baby in Patrick’s arms caught his attention.

It was just a one-month-old infant, sleeping soundly in Patrick’s arms. It was pink and adorable.

The most noticeable thing was that the baby looked like him in some way.

Christian couldn’t help staring at the baby, which made Patrick unconsciously take a few steps back.

“Christian, it’s been a while.”

Despite his inner panic, Patrick smiled politely and behaved naturally as Christian’s long-lost friend.

“Yes, long time no see.”

Christian kept approaching Patrick with his eyes glued to the baby in Patrick’s arms.

After exchanging simple greetings, they were speechless. The atmosphere was tense.

Sensing the tension between them, Christian spoke first.

“It’s been a year and you have a baby now. When did you get married without telling me?” Looking carefully at the baby, he felt something different.

Patrick put on an awkward smile, “It’s my friend’s baby, not mine. Besides, how could it be possible that I got married without inviting you?”

Patrick answered Christian’s question naturally. They seemed to best buddies again, laughing and messing around like when they were children.