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Chapter 20 You’re Hired

In her impression, Rex can’t laugh, but he laughs very well in the photo, which is the kind of smile that comes from the heart and has no defense.

The iceberg melts, which is even warmer than spring, almost like this.

Lily can’t help taking it up and looking carefully. The girl beside him is very beautiful. She has long hair, big eyes and a slap on the face. They stand together and it looks really match each other.

Lily just wants to have a look, but when she looks at it, she has a complex feeling.

“What are you doing?”

A low male voice suddenly comes from behind.

Lily’s hands tremble, the picture frame falls on the table, making a loud “bang” sound. There is no reason for her to panic, “nothing, nothing.”

The man walks up to her with long legs, takes the picture frame up and places it in the center, then turns his eyes to her, and the bottom of his eyes become more and more unhappy, “Who let you move?”

Lily swallows her saliva unconsciously. “I don’t mean to see it on purpose. It is on the table…”

Rex doesn’t want to find out what she said, but listens to her subconscious correction. “Do you take other people’s wallets on the table?”

“I’m sorry.” Lily bits her lips and lowers her eyelids, thinking that Rex is angry that she fell over the picture frame, and that the woman in the picture should be very important to him, or should be the person he likes. But in that case, why does he want to find her?

Rex can’t see her expression. He steps around her, sits on the leather seat and puts the interview materials on the table. “How about your legs?”

Lily feels sad in her heart. When he asks about it, she suddenly falls into a mood. Her hands, hanging on her side, quietly clenches, turns around and looks at him. “Rex, do you have a girlfriend?”

The man looking through the documents pauses and looks at Lily. The little woman’s face is red and a little aggrieved.

He raises his eyebrows gently, a little elusive, “What do you want to talk about?”

Lily takes a deep breath. “If you have a girlfriend, we can’t be together. I don’t want to be the same kind of person as Jade.”

Hearing her mention of Jade, Rex frowns slightly, “Girlfriend?”

After thirty-two years of living, he can’t say he hasn’t had any contact with women at all, but he often breaks up with other women because he has no feeling for them at the beginning. Let alone his girlfriend, it’s hard to find an women.

Lily raises her chin to the picture on the table. “Isn’t that?”

Rex understands and sneers, “That’s my sister.”


Lily’s face is frozen, Sister?

“Real sister?”

“Not related by blood, but close to me.”

Lily chokes, so she misunderstood just now?

As soon as she bows her head, she looks at the man’s joking eyes. Lily’s ears grow red slowly, and she says with a resentful smile, “Such a big sister, why haven’t you mentioned it before…”

“Are you jealous?”


Denial is too fast, but a little fake.

Lily secretly poohs in her heart and repeats, “Really not.”

Rex raises his hand and holds the expensive man’s wristwatch at the cuff of his white shirt. As his movement dial refracts the light, and he points to Lily’s ear, “it’s red.”


Have to say it? You see it?

Lily decides to change the topic, “Well, how about my interview results?”

Rex glances at the documents spreading out on the desk. “Want to know?”


The man waves, “Can you see there? Come here. ”

Lily feels it is strange, but in order to see her grades… OK, she has to go there.

Step by step, step by step, move to the man’s side. When there is still half a arm away from him, the wrist is pulled by someone, and then she is pulled into a broad and warm embrace.

Lily feels the strong thigh under her buttock, and wants to stand up, but she is held on her shoulder, “Won’t know the result?”

“It’s not convenient for me to see it.”

Rex chuckles and changes his posture. “How convenient is that?”

Lily is so ashamed that she wants to find a seam to drill in. She wriggles her little butt restlessly. But, she wriggles out the evil fire of Rex.

“Don’t move.” The man suddenly increases his strength to press her shoulder, and his voice is a little muter.

This voice is so familiar to Lily. Every time he is in bed at night, he is such a sexy voice

But now it’s in the office. Does he want to be such a beast?

Lily won’t know how hard Rex can hold her when she is sitting on her lap in such style skirt.

When she feels the change of man’s body, she freezes completely and doesn’t dare to move, but it is obviously too late.

Lily blushes to remind, “Rex, this is the office…”

“Yes.” Rex releases one hand and takes out her interview score sheet, “Yours.”

Clearly, she is normal to ask about the results, how does it evolve into this? It’s a little bit of subterfuge for grades.

Lily looks down with red face and red ears. Unexpectedly, HR manager gives her the highest score. On the contrary, another man gives her not very high score, while Rex compromised.

Rex calculates the total score and the average score, and looks at the scores of the other two interviewers. She keeps leaning forward, a little, a little, and a little more.

Lily cries out, then immediately covers her mouth. When she sees the result, the man behind her breaks into her body without any precaution.

Lily puts one hand over her mouth and the other hand on the table in front of her. But the man doesn’t think it’s enough, so he tries to torture her. “What’s your score, eh?”

Lily shakes her head, and Rex refuses to let her go.

Lily bites her teeth and just does not say anything. In daylight, she can’t help cursing softly, “You don’t want to be shameful…”

Unexpectedly, Rex laughs after listening to it, and a deep laugh comes out from his trembling chest, as if the strings of the cello are moving like hooking her.

Lily does not know what it is like. She is very uncomfortable. Her body is like shouting and she is eager for the man behind her.

Rex leans over her ear and says, “Read your score.”

Lily is so embarrassed that she finally says, “9.5, 9…”

Rex’s forehead has been covered with a layer of fine sweat, which shows that he bear a lot, “How much is the last?”

Lily’s heart is filled with hatred. She is angry, impatient, helpless and aggrieved. “8.5!”

Rex starts every cell in his body to please the woman in front of him as much as possible.

At last, Lily’s hands on the table are sour. Rex finally releases her, and sweat slips down his neat sideburns. He says, “Congratulations, Miss, you have been hired.”

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