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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 20 She is his first woman

“Oh?” Vanessa turned her head to look at Angie. Her voice was surprised. “But didn’t you…”

After dating William for five months, Angie said she would take him to her home. Sure enough, the next day she came to school with William and whispered to Vanessa that she had sex with William.

At that time, Vanessa’s whole brain was muddled, and she was very sad and sour.

Vanessa was upset when William got drunk and hugged her and called Angie’s name.

She loves a man so much, but nothing belongs to her.

“Actually… We didn’t make it.” Angie hesitated and said, “My parents came back suddenly. The insulation effect of my house was not good, so I didn’t make love with William.”

Vanessa did not expect this. She was stunned for a long time. “Then why are you…”

“I am afraid you laugh at me!” Angie mumbled, “I told you to conquer William. If I told you I failed because my parents came back suddenly, you would laugh at me,”


Vanessa suddenly realized that the first time they made love, William was indeed a little clumsy. He could not control his strength, which caused her pain for two days. She thought it was because he was drunk, but she didn’t think much about it.

So she is the first woman of William?

Thinking of this, Vanessa was in a much better mood and couldn’t help laughing.

In fact, there is nothing to be sad, that man does not love her, but at least his first woman is her. And when he was with her in the last three years, he had never had relations with other women, so that she has been very satisfied.

When Angie heard Vanessa’s laughter, she thought she was laughing at herself. She suddenly became upset. “I knew you’d laugh at me, Vanessa.”

Vanessa laughed when she got scratched. “No,” she said. “I’m not laughing at you.”

“You’re just laughing at me.” And then she scratched her.

“No, hah, please don’t scratch.”

“Huh?” Angie seemed to touch something and stopped. Surprised and curious, she asked, “Vanessa, do you have a scar on your stomach? I just touched it.”

“No, no.” Vanessa pushed her hand away.

Angie insisted: “Absolutely, I just touched it.” She tried to turn on the lamp, so Vanessa grabbed her hand and said, “Yes, I did.”

“You know, when I just began to work, my time was unstable and had meals irregularly. One day it was too painful for me so that I went to the hospita. I just discovered that I got appendicitis, so I do the operation and lied at home for a long time, eating with white congee every day.”

“I’m sorry.” Angie hugged Vanessa and said apologetically, “At that time, my life abroad was not so good, so I didn’t contact you. I didn’t know this had happened to you.”

‘It’s all right! “Vanessa smiled. “It’s just appendicitis. It’s not a big deal.”

Angie snorted, “Yes, it’s John who loves you, and you don’t need me!”

“Go to sleep. Aren’t you going to the orchard tomorrow?”

The next morning, Vanessa got up early to prepare breakfast. She made steamed bread by oneself to close noodles, and the plain congee was boiled thick and fragrant. And farm side dish is very delicious, the breakfast can be much more delicious than those of big city.

Angie thought it was such a lovely day that she went upstairs to change her dress after breakfast.

Vanessa was envious of Angie, who wore a beautiful linen sunshade hat with a delicate face and a bright smile all the time. She felt confident and bold.