Chapter 2 You Have Seen Me All Over

Alice glared at him with gritted teeth. Indeed, even if he didn’t give her the medicine, she would go and buy it for herself. She really could not give birth to a baby for him. That kind of thing would never happen to them.

She picked up the pill box from the table, opened it, and swallowed two contraceptive pills with tears.

Of course she didn’t notice that Ben was worried about her.

Alice didn’t think twice, and directly poured the glass of water on his handsome face.

She now had the urge to rip him up, but this man was a demon, who could steal her mind in every second.

Water meandered along his perfect handsome face. Alice’s heart jumped inexplicably, throat tightened.

She blinked hard her big eyes. Why didn’t she think he was so perfect before?

In other words, she even wanted to give herself to him. she must have been poisoned by him, and she had lost her mind.

Also, why Ben couldn’t treat her as a girl? In front of her, he could walk up and down without anything wearing on every day.

Alice blinked again with big bright eyes, her voice dry, “Ben, go get dressed and then come to eat.”

Ben looked down at himself, and did not listen to her. If she didn’t say that, he really planned to get dressed. But she was really getting bolder and even poured water on his face!

He just did not get changed, and did anything contrary to her. What she could do about him? Just being crazy.

“No, you’ve seen me all over anyway. Now, eat the breakfast quickly.”

Alice did not want to see but she could not help seeing. A pair of big eyes kept blinking, “What do you mean by you’ve seen by me? It’s obviously you made me see it.”

Ben snorted, with a very disdainful attitude, “I didn’t take the initiative last night. Alice, couldn’t you be more reserved like a girl?”

Reserved? How to write this word? Does it exist in her dictionary?

But… she asked, “What had I done to you? Was I … wild?”

Ben turned around unhurriedly and showed his back to Alice.

Alice’s big eyes were almost glaring out instantly. He was like being attacked by a tiger last night!

“I did it?” Absolutely impossible. She was such a tender little kitten and soft girl that she could never do such a thing.

And Ben pointed to a circle of tooth marks on his waist, “You did it.”

Alice was stunned for a while. Her mouth was red, her face flushed, and she was a girl anyway, although she had lost her virgin after drinking and turned into a little woman last night.

But a girl’s heart is still full of innocence.

Right now…

She can only play tricks, and she will never be responsible for this anyway. “I was drunk, and you was not. Even I had pestered you, you…”

Why did he fix his eyes on her so straightly, which made she forget what to say next.

She stopped talking and Ben asked directly, “So me what?”

“You can’t cooperate with it.” She didn’t believe that a weak woman could be stronger than a man.

Ben smiled coldly, “Alice, you really should find a boyfriend. Otherwise I’m afraid you will force me to have sex with you while you get drunk next time.”

At the hearing of these words, Alice was very furious!

Especially when he was so indifferent, she even wanted to strangle him directly.