Chapter 2 Nothing will happen to you until it happens to me

“I’ll go with her.” Three seconds later, James Grayson changed his tune.

He left her way and took a step back.

“No, it’s not safe!” Everyone spoke with one voice.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown warned him worriedly, “Chief, it’s too dangerous for you to go in. If the deputy commander knows, how we explain this to him! ”

“Don’t talk nonsense. It’s not dangerous. Stay on standby.” James Grayson’s decisively ordered.

“But the chief…” As Colonel Thomas Brown wanted to say something, James Grayson’s cold eyes swept past. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown shut up and nodded helplessly. “Yes, Chief.”

James Grayson held Bella’s arm. The grip was tight, and they stepped towards door 801.

Bella knocked at the door.

He held her hand. She felt like an electric current flowing through the back of her hand. Bella feels shocked. She pulled back her hand. She is not used to be held by men. James Grayson looked at her with cold eyes. He turned on the recording of his cell phone and said expressionlessly, “Before you go in, record your last words. If you die, we will send them to your family.”

“Send it to my husband.” Bella indifferently said took James Grayson’s mobile phone. “David Wilson, if there is an afterlife I hope not to meet you again, just donate all my body parts for transplant. I hope we will never see each other again.” Bella simply finished and returned the mobile phone to James Grayson.

He looked at her deeply, with a strange flash in his eyes. “Are there any other last words?”

Bella’s eyes softened a little. “Give my rest of the money to my mother. If it is possible, I request you to take care of her.”

“Okay, we will.” James Grayson promised.

Bella felt relieved. She looked down at the door and said, “Can I go in?”

“The pregnant woman inside is the girlfriend of a senior official. Make sure that she and their child stay safe. In addition, you will not suffer anything until I am alive and with you, I promise.” James Grayson said quietly.

Bella paused and looked into his deep eyes. His eyes were really deep. In her heart, she felt sour and astringent feelings. A handsome man said to her, “Nothing will happen to you until it happens to me.”

Such promises, even a stranger can make people feel amiable. Especially now, when her heart is in a desolate and cold situation.

“I’m not afraid.” Bella raised her mouth slightly. “But thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” James Grayson said.

He pulled Bella behind him and knocked at the door. The door opened.

“Let that woman come in alone.” The people inside said viciously.

“She needs an assistant for the operation. Let two of us come in.” James Grayson negotiated.

“No, who knows what you’re doing?”

“Then let the pregnant women inside die. After that, you left with no hostages.” James Grayson was piercingly cold. Majestic and powerful and can make people feel tangled cleverly.

The other side hesitated for three seconds. “You have a point! Come in! ”

James Grayson pushed open the door and went in. They put a pistol James Grayson’s head. Bella looked at him worriedly. But he remained expressionless.

One of the flat-headed gangster searched James Grayson’s body. He found no weapons. “Don’t try to play any tricks.” He put down the gun.

“Pain! Save me, save me!” The voice of pregnant women calling for help came from the main room.

Bella rushed to the master bedroom. It was very dark. The curtains were pulled inside and lights were turned off. The two men pointed at her with guns in their hands. Bella went close to the pregnant women.

The pregnant woman was pale, and her stomach was swollen. The bed was already wet. “Help me, help me.” I don’t want to die.”

“Show me the latest B-mode ultrasound.” Bella immediately said.

“There… In the drawer.” The pregnant woman’s head was sweating with pain.

Bella opens the drawer. There was a photo frame on the B-mode ultrasound. In the frame there was a picture of pregnant women and David Wilson. Bella felt a little startled. Originally, senior officials refer to David Wilson. And this pregnant woman is just another woman whom David Wilson has an affair.

“Doctor please save me. I’m in pain.” The pregnant woman screamed.

Bella slowed down, pulled out the B-mode supersonic sheet, looked at it and her face became more tensed.

“Your fetal position is not right, the umbilical cord around the neck, cannot have a natural birth, you must have a cesarean section. Also, you are in an emergency situation. You can’t get local anesthesia. You can only get general anesthesia.” Bella urgently said, open the first aid kit.

The gangster grabbed the first aid kit and checked it to make sure that there was no weapon then returned it to Bella.

The pregnant woman shook her head, red eyes and asked, “Can you do it without a cesarean section? He likes woman without scars on her body?”

Like women without scars? Sure enough, it is David Wilson’s style.

“Then the child will suffocate.” Bella cold voice.

The pregnant woman’s eyes flashed a fierce light. She gritted her teeth, “then let it suffocate.”

Bella’s eyes tightened, and she feels hate for them. “That’s your child, already living in your body for the last 9 months.”

“Without his love, what’s the use of having this child? It will only drag me down. I don’t want to have scars.” The pregnant woman roared. Her stomach ached more because of it.

Bella took out the anesthesia from the first aid box, opened it sharply and drew the needle into the tube.

“I’m sorry, but as a doctor, I can’t promise to fulfill your requirement. He is a life in my eyes!” Bella said in a cold voice. She focused on clearing the air from the needle tube and preparing to inject it.

James Grayson grasped her wrist and a concern flashed through his deep eyes. He knows the value of patient demand. She can get David for her stubbornness.

“Listen to her. She’s your patient and she has the right.” James Grayson reminded her.

Bella shook off his hand but could not move it. She got angry and looked firmly into his eyes. “I’m a gynecologist. It’s my responsibility to deliver the baby. If something goes wrong, I have to take responsibility. I am not greedy nor do I fear death. But I didn’t expect you to be so afraid of taking responsibility?”

James Grayson was a little stunned. He was not afraid to take responsibility, but he was worried about what she has to face. He loosened his hand and said in a cold voice, “Operate, just as she said, otherwise I’ll talk to your dean.”

Bella bent over, put on rubber gloves and talked to the gangster seriously, “Please go out, I need to operate her.”

“No, we cannot leave the hostages alone here, you have to operate in front of us!”

“Can she run out of here in this condition?” Bella was worried about the pregnant woman’s body being exposed in front of them.

The gangster raised his gun and pointed it at Bella. “I’ll kill you if you talk more.”

James Grayson blocked Bella’s front. “You can’t run out of here if you kill her.”

The gangsters felt hesitant.

“Doctor, I am not well. The baby is out, ah…” The pregnant woman screamed.

James Grayson’s thought of an idea. Negotiation with them is a waste of time. He opened the cupboard and took a blue sheet from it. Spread it around them. He protected Bella and pregnant women behind the sheets.

“I’ll shelter you. You start the operation.” James Grayson said decisively.