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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 2 Nice Try

She had had enough!

Vivian laughed at herself quietly. The past two years had been very slow for her.

The man she loved had barely looked at her, which encouraged the servants who constantly embarrassed her. She was a prisoner in the house.

Christian had known nothing about this. All he cared about was Jessica.

She handed a stack of papers to him with her slender fingers. She was obviously exhausted, “I’ve already signed the divorce paper. All you need to do is sign it. I want nothing from you. We’ll part our ways from now on.”

“Are you threatening me?” Christian instantly turned around and stared at her like a hawk, “You married me when you wanted to. Now you want to divorce me, and you are expecting me to comply? Vivian Joseph, aren’t you taking me too lightly?”

“No,” Her smile was pale as paper, “I have cared so much about you that I want to divorce you. Isn’t it what you wanted? You can marry Jessica now.”

The butler came in at the moment, and said respectfully, “Master, the car is ready. Miss Jessica’s flight will land in an hour.

Vivian instantly lost her concentration. Was Jessica coming back?

The divorce paper was suddenly snatched away. Her finger was bleeding from the paper cut. A sharp pain hit her heart like an injection of good pain killer.

Pursing his lips, Christian quickly tore the paper into pieces, and threw them into the air. Then he help up her chin to force her to look up at him, “Let me tell you, Vivian Joseph, I’m not done torturing you yet, not until you pay Jessica back what you had owed her.”

All of a sudden, she chuckled in a weird and repressed way, and eventually burst into laughter as if she couldn’t help it, “You will regret it. After all, I am the acknowledged daughter-in-law in your family. As long I am your wife, Jessica will be your secret lover! She won’t be able to see you in public forever!”

He stared at her for a minute and let go of her. He gestured to the butler, “Bring her with us.”

“Where to?” Vivian was wary.

“To pick up your dear sister, of course.” His voice was spiteful, “She could see me in public with you being around.”

She didn’t expect he would do such a thing. She was trembling with anger. Did he really expect her to cover for them?

No way!

“I’m not going!”

After her flat refusal, she turned around and tried to run away. But the bodyguard and the butler ran faster. It didn’t take long before she was caught and pushed into the car.

She said desperately in the back seat, “Christian North, you will be sorry!”

He glanced at her with a terrifying smile, “Enjoy the trip, Mrs. North.”

In the airport, the flight from Country B slowly landed.

Jessica Joseph emerged from the exit and saw at once the outstanding figure waiting for her. She beamed and run to him, “Christian! I miss you so much!”

Christian immediately held her, looking serious, yet complaining indulgently, “You are a big girl now. Have you forgotten your physical condition? Isn’t running against the doctor’s advice?”

“I’m much better now!” Her smile was beautiful, like a budding rose in the light,” You agreed to stay with me all the time when I’m back.”

“When did I ever break a promise to you?”

Vivian, trapped in the backseat, heard them talking and laughing. She couldn’t breathe from the dull pain in her heart. He had never been so gentle with her.

Christian North, how cruel you are!

Cradled in his arms, Jessica saw someone in the car out of the corners of her eyes. Who could forget such a pretty face?

She gasped and her face went pale.

Vivian Joseph?

How could she be here?!

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