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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 2 Bestie returns home

Hearing Vanessa say so, William relaxed his brows and took a sip of coffee from the table.

After William finished the breakfast and went out, she began to clean the apartment. With a freshener to cover up their own perfume, she made sure the apartment without any traces of them, and then just pushed the suitcase to leave.

Vanessa left the building, pushing the suitcase and walked along a path through the bamboo forest to another unit.

A year ago, she pooled enough money to buy an apartment in this neighborhood, two units away from William’s. Perhaps she had guessed it, so she bought it next to him out of selfishness.

After arriving at the apartment, she took out the clothes and put them in the closet to hang them up. Then she went to the bathroom to wash her face. She stared at herself in the mirror for a long time and then said, “It’s been four years.

It’s time to learn to live on your own.

Vanessa, who works in a brand shoe store and was promoted to the district chief at the beginning of this year, spends most of her time in William’s house, with the exception of a two-month peak season when the store needs her help.

She now decided not to meet William, not to miss him,and focused on the work. William also even did not call her because of a busy case.

The time flies and Vanessa has finished the big promotional activities.

“Lily, you go to the warehouse to take out the shoes in these styles, and take these shelves off the shelf…” Early in the morning, as always in the shop, Vanessa just ordered two words, her telephone rang.

“Vanessa, I’m getting off the plane. Can you come and pick me up?”

Vanessa was stunned because she did not expect that Angie would be back so soon. She answered “Ok” and ordered all the things, then she drove to the airport.

About an hour later, the bus arrived at the airport.

Vanessa saw the thin figure on the roadside from a distance, she called out from the car. And Angie immediately pushed the suitcase ran over, tightly holding her bestie, Vanessa.

After holding Vanessa, Angie saw around Vanessa carefully, said, “Only a few years, how does the original beauty look like this? You are so slim! Do you have a boyfriend, are you abused by your boyfriend?”

Vanessa was a little guilty, forced herself to smile and said, “No, maybe it’s too much work pressure.”

She was too afraid of the eyes of Angie, so she quietly changed the topic and carried her to leave. It is almost twelve o ‘clock when they arrived in the city. Vanessa found a Chinese restaurant to welcome her.

The Chinese food caught Angie off her feet, eating with chopsticks and making fun of how bad the food was in Melbourne.

Vanessa quietly listened, occasionally went along with a few words, to help her pick fish bone.

Said later, Angie paused, and then said; “James and I divorced, but the court gave him our daughter, and James promised me $3 million a year, and he did not allow me to see her.”

“Oh?” Vanessa stopped her chopsticks on the plate and went to see Angie, “What, what did you say?”

“What can I say? Of course I agree!” Angie shrugged, and the expression on the face is not concerned, “I don’t like James originally. We are only at the beginning of one-night stand and accidental pregnancy. I am afraid abortion may hurt my body, so I discussed with him to get married.”

“I gave birth to my daughter, but I don’t have much affection for the baby. It’s not good to bring it back, but good for James to keep our daughter, and I will get three million dollars a year. Is there anything wrong with that?”

Hearing this, Vanessa frowned and couldn’t help but said, “That is your own daughter after all, you…”