Chapter 1Louis Do it here 2

“James Grayson, I forgive you for what you have done to me before, no matter how bad it was I am forgiving you. However, from now on, I don’t want you to cheat me again, of course, except for your military affairs, do you get it?” Bella spoke in one breath.

She waited for a while, but James Grayson didn’t say anything.

She turned and looked at him. He seemed to be asleep.

She looked at his clear face and was unable to coincide with that person whom he met three years ago.

Forget it.

If it was him, he must have had some difficulties in that year, maybe he was carrying out the task.

If it was him, who robbed her child, he would have brought his child when his parents objected to their marriage. But he didn’t do it, it means he was not that person.

His mission was very dangerous. She didn’t want to bother him with her affairs.

Bella put her hand on his waist and slept with him.

After a long time, James Grayson moved, and she opened her eyes.

He looked at his wristwatch. It was already 4 o’clock. “Bella, I have to go back now. I’ll let some send you back to Walem.”

“Okay, finish your task well. Don’t worry about me. I have Vivian Denzel’s protection and so many of your people around me. Nothing will happen to me.” Bella said softly and sat up.

He kissed her on the forehead, “I’ll have a rest after completing my work.”

“Um.” Bella nodded.

Bella sat in the car. The driver was a strange person. He was in an armed police uniform. Bella turned her head towards the window and looked at the strange city. Because of James Grayson, this strange city seemed a lot warmer.

Suddenly, the driver suddenly braked.

Bella bumped into the front seat and looked out subconsciously. “What’s the matter?”

“I think I hit someone. I’ll go down and have a look.” The policeman said, opened the door and get off.

Bella didn’t know what had happened. She heard noisy sounds. Several people with masks and guns sat in the car.

“Who are you?” Bella was shocked. There were many thoughts in her mind.

Did James Grayson’s parents know that they were together?

Or Anna Wilson?

“What do you want, I can give you all my money, let me go.” Bella asked nervously.

“Shut up.” The man wearing the mask said, picked up the handkerchief and pressed it on Bella’s nose. Bella wanted to hold its breath. But it was too late and it had passed out.

When she woke up, she heard different voices and the lights were very bright.

She opened her eyes saw the dazzling lights and closed them again.

Her hands and feet were tied to the table.

“Do you dare to fuck James’s woman.” The man with a fat belly was holding a lamp and roared. He pointed his gun at a man whose face was covered with a beard. “If you dare to fuck her, I will believe that you have guts. Otherwise, don’t try to deceive me.”

“I would like to taste James Grayson’s woman, send her to the room.” A hoarse voice sounded.

“Do it right here. You can’t be a fucking military man.” The bald head roared.

Bella saw the man with a beard coming to her. His eyes looked very small, and he was wearing highly myopic glasses. His face was covered with the beard, and he was holding a blade.

Bella’s brain was blank. She felt that the sharp edge of the blade was terrible.

“Don’t come close to me, don’t touch me.” Bella was afraid.

Now, this memory coincided with that of three years ago.

The bearded man took out his blade and cut off the rope from Bella’s hands and feet.

Bella slapped on his face. The bearded man was annoyed. He grabbed her to the room and threw her on the wooden bed.