Chapter 198 Everything is good 2

“Do you think it’s a boy or a girl?” Bella asked, for shifting her mind.

“It’s a boy.” There was a sweet smile on the pregnant woman’s face.

“It’s said that mixed-race children are very beautiful. It must be very good-looking. I don’t know if they are more like Americans or Chinese. Who do you want him to look like?” Bella asked with a smile.

“I want him to look like my brother. My brother is handsome.” The girl said with a smile.

“It’s very possible to be like an uncle, after all, he has the same genes.” Bella politely replied.

“It’s very kind of you, doctor. You’re the most patient doctor I’ve ever seen.” The pregnant woman praised.

Air hostess came with an emergency kit.

There were scalpels, anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers. Another air hostess found a basin, a blanket, and chocolates.

Bella peeled a piece of chocolate for pregnant women, “giving birth to a child is a physical job, especially a natural labor, eat it to have a little energy.”

“Thank you, doctor. Have you had a baby, too?”

Bella smiled. “Yes, I also give birth naturally. I was afraid to leave records at that time. So I give birth to my child by myself in the rental house.”

“This is awesome!” The pregnant women admired Bella and there was trust in her eyes.

She took a bite of chocolate. “No… doctor. It is painful. It seems that something is coming out.”

“Let me see.” Bella cut the girl’s trousers. The blood was flowing out. “You’re going to have a baby. Push it.”


The pregnant woman cried miserably, even if there sound insulation but James Grayson also heard her cry. He was worried and guarded outside the box.

The baby was born very smoothly, only in half an hour, it came out.

Bella cut off the umbilical cord. The baby was fine, and Bella took good care of the pregnant woman. The little boy was crying loudly.

His hair was black, the skin was red, still can’t see the facial features clearly. His eyes were closed, the head had been squeezed for a long time and slowly recovering.

“You keep lying still. I’ll help the baby first. Have a rest. I’ll come back later.” Bella said softly.

“Thank you, doctor.” The pregnant woman said gratefully.

Bella smiled. She held the child and opened the door. James Grayson was standing at the door and looking at her.

“Please come and help me. Put warm water in the basin.” Bella said to him.

James Grayson put warm water in the basin.

Bella checked the water temperature with her hand and put the baby in the water. The baby was crying, but he didn’t make a sound when she put him in the water as if he was falling asleep. Bella gently cleaned the baby.

“Why you left the prosecutor’s office?” James Grayson asked, “I have asked about you.”

Bella picked up the baby and wrapped it up again. Without looking at James Grayson, she said, “There is more than one scenery of my life. I want to look at the whole world.”

“You look good now. Better than three years ago.” James Grayson looked at her deeply.

Bella smiled, did not speak, took the child and turned around.

James Grayson held her arm.

Bella stopped and looked into his eyes.