Chapter 192 Save her, or you will die 2

That year, he liked Bella at a glance.

He knew that she was Richard Johnson’s daughter, and marrying her was just his plan. He never wanted to be in love with her.

But some things, even we do not want, still happens.

She divorced him, and she stayed with James Grayson. He had gone crazy. He didn’t want to let her go, he didn’t want a divorce.

People always got trapped in their own paranoid feelings, when they cannot come out, they use extreme methods to cover up their true feelings until it’s too late to give up struggling. And he did the same.

He held Bella’s hand.

Bella was unconscious.

He would rather prefer to see her being angry and pushing his hand than to be silent than to be a dead corpse.

David Wilson’s eyes were moist, and tears came down. “Bella, don’t die. Please don’t die. Just listen to me. I will do anything for you. Bella, don’t die.”

He called the hospital and asked the people to set up an emergency room. They reached the hospital, and Bella was taken to the emergency room. David was sitting on the chair.

People often cherish things after losing them.

Bella was with him and but he never valued her. He kidnapped Bella, and she knew that. She didn’t sue him. She knew that he had so many women, but she never complained to him.

He remembered that one night when he had a stomachache after drinking too much wine, the people in the hotel called her. She came there in her white coat and took care of him all night without uttering a word of complaint.

The first thing he said when he woke up was, “Did you come to mourn in white dress?”

Bella did not contradict either.

When she went back, she had a cold and a severe fever. She stayed at home for two days. Later, he got to know that Bella was on the night shift that day. But she came to rescue him and was absent for no reason, so the hospital deducted money from her annual bonus.

She had always been such a person. She did things for others in silence and never demanded anything in return.

She lived a hard life.

He didn’t want her to suffer in the future. He would never force her, hurt her or embarrass her. He just wanted her to live.

The doctor came out of the emergency room.

David Wilson grabbed the doctor’s arm.

“I’m sorry.” The doctor lowered his eyes. “We have tried our best.”

“Save her. You must have to save her. If you don’t do it, I’ll bury you alive.” David pushed the doctor back.

“I’m sorry.” The doctor looked at him, he thought that this man has lost his senses and can do extreme things. He lowered his head and walked quickly.

David Wilson grabbed the doctor’s hand and ordered, “Save her. You don’t know who I am. I just need to call the Health Bureau and your hospital will be closed forever. Save her.”

“The patient lost too much blood. She died when she came here. We can’t save her. Please forgive me.” The doctor apologized.

“She’s only twenty-four. She cannot die.” David Wilson did not think anything. He walked in and also pushed the doctor into the operation theatre again, and shouted, “Save her.”

The doctor didn’t know what to do.

David Wilson called, “Send the best doctor to the emergency room. If you can’t save Bella, I’ll bury everyone. You know I can do it!”