Chapter 190 James Grayson, I wish you happiness 2

David Wilson’s left eyelid was jumping all the time. He felt very upset and uncomfortable. He thought of the past when Bella always made a lot of delicious dishes during the New Year Festival. He occasionally went to see. He knew that she made dishes, but, he hadn’t eaten them.

He liked to see her suffering, and he always wanted to bully her. He always said a few words to make her angry, but she never cried.

He wanted to make her cry.

He had an egoistic heart. She was too proud, too strong, too proud in front of him, so he wanted to make her cry.

One day he finally saw her crying, and that day he gave her what she asked for, but after that, she never came back.

David Wilson’s heart was tightened badly.

He dialed Bella’s number.

He didn’t remember anyone’s phone number not even his own, but he remembered Bella’s.

Many times, he wanted to call her but held back. Because he didn’t know what he will say to her when she will attend his call?

David called her. He was very nervous and thought a lot of opening remarks. However, Bella didn’t attend the phone until it hung up automatically.

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” David said in a deep voice.

“Mr. Wilson, you have a meeting this afternoon. Please be ready in ten minutes.” The assistant reminded.

“Joseph, lend me your cell phone.” David Wilson said.

Joseph Wagner felt it strange and handed over his mobile phone. David Wilson called out, but Bella didn’t answer. He was a little uneasy and deleted the call record from Joseph Wagner’s cell phone.

Why didn’t Bella attend it?

He walked towards the conference room. His cell phone rang, he immediately looked at it and it was Emma Johnson’s.

David Wilson was annoyed.

Emma Johnson called him more than ten times a day, like a detective staring at his every move.

With the evidence of Richard Johnson that he has in his hand now, Johnson’s family can be destroyed in minutes. However, he had not started it yet.

Actually he was afraid of Bella that Bella would hate him, so he let Richard Johnson enjoy a little more.

He answered, “What’s up?”

“David, when will you come back? I miss you so much.” Emma Johnson said.

David Wilson looked at the time on the mobile phone it was 2:00 p.m, “I’m at work now.”

“Bella came back home. I don’t want to see him. I will live at your place, okay?”

David Wilson’s eyes widened, “She is back. Why you don’t want to stay at home, are you afraid of her?”

David Wilson entered the elevator.

The assistant was about to press the 16th floor but David Wilson pressed the first floor.

“How can I be afraid of her? She’s so ill-mannered. I haven’t met such a person. She’s staying in my home now.” Emma Johnson said indignantly.

“Darling, I’ll come to you now.” David smiled.

“Really? David, you are so kind.”

David Wilson hung up the phone and said to the assistant, “Change today’s meeting into a video conference. I will contact you when I will be free.”

“Okay.” The assistant nodded.

David sat in the car and drove very fast.