Chapter 19 She sliced it well

Bella looked at Anna Wilson and she felt that she’s looking at the women around David Wilson.

The woman who kidnapped her three years ago, the pregnant woman, the assistant Lisa Stark. They all know that she is the wife of David Wilson. But they keep on chasing him, made their selfish nature a disguise for her. She hates such women. From the bottom of her heart, she hates them. Do they don’t know what they are doing is wrong.

“Anna Wilson, I think you are not well aware of the fact that I had applied up for that post,” Bella said.

Anna Wilson enlarged her eyes and looked at Bella surprisingly. “You are a doctor?”

Bella smiled, which did not reach her eyes, “What you think?”

“I think you should have some shame. You applied for the jobs, but it doesn’t mean that you are selected.” Anna Wilson said.

“This recruitment has been started because of her. What made you think that if she applied she cannot get selected?” James Grayson’s voice was cold.

Although she knew that James Grayson lied to Anna Wilson, her face was still red.

Anna Wilson looked at James Grayson unbelievably. Her eyes stained with blood.

She was so angry like a bear with a sore head. She picked up the red wine from the table and tried to throw it on James Grayson’s face.

James Grayson grasped her wrist and looked at her angrily.

Anna Wilson was shocked by him.

She loved his cruelty, dominant nature and righteousness but at the same time hated his ruthlessness and fickle cold nature.

“We’ll see. I wouldn’t let her join the Special Forces.” Anna Wilson pulled out her hand and left with hatred.

James Grayson looked at Anna Wilson and murmured, “Tomorrow I will ask Thomas Brown to give you the application form to fill in.”

Bella was embarrassed. “Well…”

She didn’t know why her brain pumped out and said such a thing. But now it’s too late to change the mind.

“To be fair, I don’t think I’m suitable for military positions.” Bella euphemistically said.

“But at least you should be credible. If you had said this to only me I would forget it as a joke. But now you had said this in front of Anna Wilson. Now it’s difficult for me to deal with it.” James Grayson was fairly straightforward.

Bella lowered her head and cut the steak.

Not accepting this offer would show that she is weak or unconfident and also makes him lose face in front of Anna Wilson.

James Grayson looked at her and said, “You will be given the title of Lieutenant. It’s much better than the posts of your office directors.”

“I’m afraid, maybe I’m not competent for my position,” Bella said quietly and put the slice of steak in her mouth.

“Looking at your performance that day, I think, and I can say that you are really competent.” James Grayson put his plate in front of her and took a steak slice that she had cut.

“You …” Bella was puzzled.

“I think you can slice it well, better than me,” James said.

Bella was speechless.

She sliced the steak well, so should she be requisitioned?

After dinner, Bella went to the counter and took out her wallet.

James Grayson glanced at her wallet and asked indifferently, “This dinner was from you?”

“Yeah, my treat,” Bella said.

She asked the cashier, “We’re at table 8. How much is it?”

“The bill of table 8 has already been paid.” The cashier said politely.

Bella looked at James Grayson in surprise.

“I asked Thomas Brown to pay for it. You owe me now. Please invite me another day.” James Grayson explained and walked towards the door.

Another day?

She was actually going to buy him clothes today, so that they would never meet again.

It’s… It’s like she’s being fooled. And she doesn’t like it.

Her cell phone rang.

It was Amelia William. She picked up the phone and answered.

“Bella, where are you? I just finished an operation. You are already gone? I have something to give you.” Amelia William said.

“I’m at the Moon International. I am busy now, I’ll call you later.” Bella explained.

“What’s the matter?” Amelia William asked.

But Bella had hung up the phone before her question.

Her eyes were cunning; she went out and headed for the Moon International.

Bella walked towards James Grayson.

He slowed down intentionally as if waiting for her. Two people kept a distance of fifty centimeters.

James Grayson has really good looks. When he’s walking , many people looked at them.

Bella felt embarrassed. After all, a man and a woman alone always have an ambiguous taste.

“If you want to buy good clothes, we check upstairs.” Bella reminded him.

“Okay.” James Grayson answered as if he’s not in a hurry.

He looked at the Turkish ice cream shop and asked, “Do you want to eat ice cream?”

“Nope.” Bella’s not used to receiving gifts from others who she’s not very familiar with. She’s already got enough from him.

“Give me three.” James Grayson said to the shopkeeper.

Bella looked around.

Just the two of them.

Is there anyone else?

The shopkeeper handed the first ice cream. He held it in his right hand.

The second in his left hand.

When the shopkeeper handed the third ice-cream, his deep and graceful eyes looked at Bella.

Bella saw that he had no spare hand and could not take the third ice cream.

“Eat quickly, it will melt in a minute.” James Grayson said quietly.

Bella, “…”

He’s really over dominating and clever.

Bella held the ice cream. She watched him walked near two children and squat down.

He gave the children those two ice-creams. The children take them and ran away happily.

Bella went to his side and said, “Are they your relatives?”

James Grayson stood up and murmured, “No, I just don’t eat sweets.”

Bella looked at him.

“Don’t you think that maybe I don’t like to eat sweets either?” Bella annoyingly said.

James Grayson looked at her deeply, held her wrist, bowed his head and took a bite of ice cream’s same side from where she had eaten. “I’ll help you eat this one.”

Bella looked at his handsome face. Heart, inexplicably beats. Her cheeks blushed.

James Grayson stared at her, her eyes filled with an invisible layer of emotions.

He leaned towards her lips.

Bella felt his strong essence approaching. She subconsciously stepped backward.

Why she felt that he wanted to kiss her? Maybe she was wrong. He is a high-ranking officer. Many beautiful women are ready to do anything for him, so he may doesn’t want … That.

He rubbed his thumb across the corner of her mouth. ‘You are eating like a child. There is ice cream here.”

“Oh, yeah, I may not have noticed.” Bella turned away with embarrassment.

He did not let her escape by taking her arm, pulled her to his side and looked at her with burning eyes…