Chapter 19 Meet me in the parking lot

People around them reacted and they said one after another. “I think her acting is really good. She had two auditions and it gets better.”

“Exactly, just say you don’t want to admit that she is excellent. Obviously, you had an erection because of her flirtation.”


Everyone said one by one, so Alex was stuck and almost speechless. He clenched his fists.

He saw Ryan seemed to glanced at Jessica, so he was sure that they know each other. That’s why he dared to say these, but he didn’t expect Ryan settled it in a few words.

Ryan glanced at Alex and said, “I really came on purpose, as to why…”

His deep voice paused for a moment and then, instead of speaking, he whispered something in the director’s ear.

When they saw the director smiled and nodded, they guessed who it was in their mind.

Alex felt like shit.

He mentioned Amy Scott just now, but Ryan denied having relationship with her. And now he kept them in suspense deliberately. It was clearly aimed at him.

A few important roles were assigned, so the audition was basically over. And Jessica became the heroine confusedly.

Jessica touched the recorder in her pocket.

Today, Alex fell flat on his face in front of Ryan. If she played the recording again, they would think she was well prepared and deliberately aimed at Alex. It seemed that this was not necessary for the time being.

She bumped into Ryan by coincidence when she was going out. Suddenly, a bunch of keys was thrust into Jessica’s hand. “Meet me in the parking lot.”


Before she regained her senses, the slender figure had gone far away, with only the faint mint scent lingering on the tip of her nose. She looked down at the keys in her hand and was too deep for tears.

I drove my car here, brother. What about my car?

After the audition, Alex left with his assistant, swearing with a sullen face, “Shit, what the hell!”

It wasn’t easy for him to get a chance to audition for this TV series. He was confident that he could become the hero. And he intended to have a turnaround depending on it. However, he didn’t expect that he was reduced to being a villain with few lines!

His assistant whispered, “Alex, mind your words. He is Ryan Howard…”

“So what? Does he have the power to control everything?” Alex sneered and raised his voice instead of lowering. “The entertainment industry is not under his control. I don’t believe he can do anything to me!”

“The entertainment industry is really not under my control.” Ryan approached step by step and stared stonily at Alex. “But it’s easy for me to tackle you. Do you believe it?”

Alex was a little frightened and he swallowed spittle subconsciously. “Mr. Howard… Ouch!”

Ryan grabbed his wrist and twisted it hard. The sound of dislocating a bone was clear in the corridor. Alex’s assistant took two steps back with fear, whose legs were trembling.

Ryan said in a cold voice, “If you dare to touch her again next time, I will cut off your hands and feet!”


He had never worked with Amy Scott. Did he…

Alex guessed vaguely, but he shrank his shoulder when he saw Ryan’s piercing eyes and he could just nod.

After that, Ryan threw him off and turned to leave.

Alex held his dislocated wrist and stared at Ryan’s back with hate.

He didn’t know why Jessica loved him so much but still broke up with him. Now he realized that she had already found another one! He had to find the evidence that Ryan and Jessica were in a relationship, so he could avenge himself on Ryan!