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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 19 Get Away

Alice didn’t know what to do. She even hoped that Benjamin could say a word at this time, even if just letting her go away.

But he didn’t. He was sitting there, like an emperor, and Molly, sitting next to him, seemed to be waiting to see what would happen next.

Chuck said, “Alice, go out. Don’t listen to Jim.”

When Alice was hesitant, Jim looked at Chuck and winked, “Chuck …” He didn’t say anything else.

But the two guys seemed to love each other. One eye could know what to do, and Chuck didn’t speak again.

Jim had a bit of bullying, and looked at Alice indifferently. “Alice, you owed him.”

She owed him.

Right, she was the murderer who almost killed him.

Alice lifted her legs, step by step, walked silently to Benjamin. Under the dim light, she did not dare to look at his face seriously.

Now that she missed him so much.

She really knelt at Benjamin’s feet, raised her head, and politely smiled at him with a distant smile, “Which kind do you want to drink? This bottle tastes mellower and stronger, but not easy to be intoxicated, and this bottle is mild and scented, but the stamina of the wine is stronger. ”

After finishing her words, she looked up slightly and looked at him who was close at hand; she missed him every day and night.

He stared at him, dimly gazing at her. They stared at each other, saying nothing.

Alice didn’t look away first, trying to keep the smile, helped him choose the first bottle, and asked him again, “Is this OK?”

She was waiting for him to nod or shake his head, or remain silent.

Alice felt that the oxygen in the entire room was about to run out. She was having trouble breathing, and her heart seemed to be blocked, which was extremely uncomfortable.

He was a guest and she was an employee, so it was impossible to watch him all the time. Without his satisfaction, she could only keep smiling and change another bottle.

Only this time, without waiting for her to speak, Ben shouted in deep voice, “Get out!”

Alice smiled heartlessly, still kneeling on the ground, and asked Jim, “Can I get out now?”

In fact, this is not the result Jim wanted. As a brother, he understood what Benjamin thought. Jim glanced at Chuck. Chuck frowned, stood up, walked over to Alice, and helped her stand up.

The voice was low and warm, “Go out first.”

Alice lowered her head, and even though she felt so uncomfortable, she still smiled, “Thank you.”

Afterwards, when did they leave, she didn’t know, but the wine she offered had not been drunk, but all opened bottles.

Alice stood in her private room, staring at those bottles of wine, with a mixed taste in her heart.

She put the lid back on the wine that could be saved, although she wasn’t sure if they might come over again, or wouldn’t it be rare for these already opened bottles, but she didn’t want to waste too much.

That night, as she wished, she took a lot of commission, but she didn’t feel happy.

Alice got off work at three in the morning, and she came out of the bar with a few girls, while the other girls either had a boyfriend to pick up or walked in groups. Before Marco had finished work, she left with a handsome guy, and Alice was left alone.

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