Chapter 19 Do you think he is physically handicapped?

“Yeah, really?” Angie is also interested in the things that happened in the university: “At that time, Vanessa told me that there was someone she liked. I also wondered who Vivi would give up John for. After a long time, it was you.”

As she said this, Angie began to complain, “Vanessa, you are not interesting enough. Why don’t you say you like John? John has always liked you, but he didn’t find a girlfriend abroad. Otherwise, you would cry!”

“Yes, yes.” Vanessa nodded with a smile and deliberately joked, “I was too afraid I don’t deserve him properly.”

“Come on, you are well matched!” Angie rolled her eyes and laughed at her, saying, “What are you still paying attention to in this age? According to your opinion, isn’t it worse for me and William?”

Vanessa’s smile froze.

She secretly looked across and saw William’s expression didn’t change. He also kindly put the spiny fish into Angie’s bowl.

Angie smiled and said, “It’s good to have a boyfriend. It’s easy to eat.”

Originally, we wanted to take advantage of the good weather to go to the orchard around, did not expect to have not gone out of the rain came, Angie angrily scolded, four people went back to the upstairs room to play cards.

Angie felt bored after playing a few games of gambling, and later changed to paint the loser’s face.

After playing for a whole afternoon, William and John’s faces had been painted in a distorted way. Angie laughed at their funny looks. Vanessa also laughed and said, “Angie, please stop bullying me.”

“Hah, love your darling?” Angie tut-tut, which made Vanessa angry and funny, and she turned over supercilious look. “If you cheat and bully him again, I won’t cook dinner for you!”

Angie yelled; “Vanessa you are so bad, you take love more seriously than friendship!”

Vanessa didn’t know. The man across the room looked at her as she said this.

Then, John lost even more and Angie painted his face.

Vanessa prepared the fish-head tofu hot pot in the evening, and Angie was full of praise for the sauce. She kept saying that it would be a good fortune if John could marry Vanessa and so on.

Vanessa did not speak, but immersed herself in the food. A foot seemed to rub under the table, which made her restless. She bit her lip and almost knocked over the vinegar cruet on the table when she accidentally caught William’s eyes.

William reached for the vinegar crutches and held them to one side. “Be careful,” she said flatly.

When Vanessa returned to her room after dinner, she was still a little distracted.

Is it interesting to play such a trick on her?

“Vanessa, why are you in a daze again?” After bathing, Angie came out of the bathroom and wiped the water from her hair with a dry towel.

“Oh, oh, well.”

After Vanessa came out of the shower, she turned off the light and they lied in bed to chat.

Angie asked Vanessa how things were going with John. Her tone was ambiguous. “Vanessa, do you have…”

“No! Vanessa interrupt awkwardly. “We just started dating. I guess it’s still early.” After a pause, she asked, “What about you and William?”

“I wish I had!” Angie seemed very depressed. “I always feel that William doesn’t like me as much as before. I take the initiative to connect a kiss. But it seemed that he doesn’t like it. Vanessa, what’s wrong with me?”

Vanessa was silent for a long time. Then she said, “Why not? If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t take you to his company.”

“But I have a feeling he doesn’t really like me…” Angie grunted and then asked Vanessa, “Vanessa, do you think William has a physical problem that he doesn’t want me to know?”