Chapter 189 James Grayson, I wish you happiness 1

Bella went back to Amelia William’s place and took a bath. She changed her clothes and wore a long white dress. She didn’t take her luggage. She left it on Amelia’s place.

A little selfish.

If she took it at Richard Johnson’s place, it will be discarded as garbage. She didn’t want to leave the world without any trace.

Bella went to Richard Johnson’s house.

Emma Johnson saw Bella coming back and felt annoyed.

“Mom, that bitch is back.” Emma Johnson said loudly on purpose.

Bella didn’t look at her.

Emma Johnson got angry and stopped Bella. “Bella, this is my home. Don’t you think you should say hello to me when you enter my home?”

Bella raised her eyes and looked at Emma Johnson. Her cold eyes were as quiet as water. “I don’t think you will like to talk to me either.”

“Since you know that there is no place for you in this family. What are you doing here?” Emma Johnson said while gnashing her teeth.

“Emma Johnson, good and evil will always be rewarded in the end. What you do to me will not be submerged in the dust just because of time. Heaven knows, the earth knows, you know, I know.” Bella said, and her each and every word was powerful.

Emma Johnson didn’t reply for a moment because she was guilty.

She had kidnapped Bella and hired someone to kill her. If Bella hadn’t left last time, she would have been ready to frame Bella and James Grayson again.

Did Bella know that she did all this?

She looked at Bella’s back and the more she thought about it, the more frightened she was.

“Bella, don’t think that I’m afraid of you. You’re nothing in my eyes.” Emma Johnson said arrogantly.

Bella didn’t turn back. She opened the door, entered the room and locked it.

She put a very delicate makeup, white foundation that was evenly coated on her face. She put on a blush on, and light eye makeup.

Everything was perfect!

Bella also loved to look beautiful.

She smiled at herself in the mirror, remembered the days when she was young and beautiful. Took a picture and uploaded it at QQ account that had not been used for a long time.

With the caption, “As the first look.”

She took the sheets and quilts out of the cupboard. That she bought last time. They were very clean. She put them on the bed.

Richard Johnson’s villa was very quiet. Unfortunately, there was no sunshine today. In winter, it looked gloomy and depressing.

She wasn’t wearing much, but it didn’t matter. Soon she will be a cold corpse.

She took off her black coat and put it on the table. She took out a sharp knife from her bag. Without hesitation, she cut her wrist, and the red blood came out and fell on the white skirt.

She placed the knife on the table.

It didn’t hurt to cut the wrist with a sharp knife. The blood was hot and flowed through her fingers. She lay down on the bed, quietly and closed her eyes.

The doctor at the sanatorium said her to not think about it, but she had already thought about it. She had lost her heart, and she couldn’t find it again.

Due to James Grayson’s promising future, she can’t even go to him. He didn’t have her in his heart. He would only hate her after knowing the truth.

She hasn’t been happy for many days since she was born. She had done important things. She had given up on the things that have left her alone.

Now… there is no need to live more!

The world had been cruel to her and she was not nostalgic.

More and more blood flowed down. She was getting more and more dizzy.

James Grayson, I wish you happiness.

Amelia William, be happy.

Bella fainted.