Chapter 188 Life is like a dream and a fantasy 2

Bella went to the toll office. The staff of the toll office calculated it and said, “RMB 165,842”

Bella checked her bank account. She had RMB 235,673.

“I paid RMB 230,000 in advance. When my mother dies use the rest of the money for her funeral. If it will not be enough, I am giving you a cell phone number and you can call on it.” Bella said.

She paid and gave Richard Johnson’s cell phone number. This is what Richard Johnson owed her mother.

Bella finished all the formalities and went to Kate Andrew’s ward.

Kate Andrew didn’t see Bella. She held the pillow and mumbled to the pillow, “Richard, look, Bella is smiling. Bella is so smart. She started calling me mom in just ten months and started walking in thirteen months. She memorized all three character scriptures at the age of two years. She is intelligent like you, but she looks like me, and even more beautiful.”

Bella saw Kate Andrew’s smile and tears fell down. She wiped quietly. She hadn’t seen her mother’s smile. And today she her completely mad and smiling.

How ironic?

If she had a family happy, would she be as desperate as now?

Unfortunately, there is no “if”.

“Richard, thank you for falling in love with me. I will always love you. I will feed Bella. You can’t watch it.” Kate said, and lifted her clothes and pressed her chest on the pillow.

Bella sat in front of Kate Andrew.

Kate Andrew looked at Bella defensively, “don’t dare to rob my child. Go away. ”

Bella felt sad. She lifted Kate Andrew’s hair, leaned over, kissed her on the forehead, and whispered, “Mom, I’m sorry, I can’t take care of you in the future. If there is an afterlife, I want to be your daughter again. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me.”

Kate Andrew looked at Bella in a trance. “Richard says he only loves me.”

“Well, he only loves you,” Bella said.

Kate Andrew smiled. “I knew that he only loved me. I didn’t have anything at the beginning. I was just an orphan. Richard married me despite his family’s opposition. He really loved me.”

Bella nodded, stopped looking, and walked out.

She didn’t want to be like her mother in the future.

As compared to living in a dream, it’s better to die with a dream.

But what will she do?

River jumping is the most difficult way to die.

Water will enter from the nose and mouth, scratching the heart and lungs, she will suffocate for long before dying. After death, the body will be puffy.

It she jumped from a building she will die as a crippled. It’s ugly to die.

Drinking poison, generally, can’t die in two or three hours.

Take a few sleeping pills, fall asleep and die.

She thought of cutting her wrists. But it will be painful. It will cause too much blood loss. The face will become very ugly. But she can do a little makeup.

She can’t die at Amelia William’s place to make trouble for Amelia William.

She can’t die in a hotel and make trouble for strangers.

Die in wilderness, but afraid to be found, and more afraid that if no one found, the body will stink and rotten.

She didn’t have a home. She didn’t have her own space.

There is only Richard Johnson. She is Richard Johnson’s daughter. She should make him responsible for this flesh and blood body.