Chapter 187 Life is like a dream and a fantasy 1

“What secret?” Bella asked without saying.

“Can I have your contact number?” Paul Watson asked softly.

Bella’s eyes were cold and her mind thought about it. He said a secret, but it can be a way to chat up.

Besides, what does James Grayson’s secret have to do with her?

“I will think if you get another chance to be so lucky next time. Besides, I don’t think your girlfriend will like it.” Bella smiled at his girlfriend.

“She’s not my girlfriend. She’s my colleague.” Paul Watson explained.

“Rabbits don’t eat grass beside their nests. But Mr. Paul Watson is blooming everywhere. It’s amazing.” Bella said.

Obviously, Paul Watson felt it, smiled lightly and left with his colleagues.

“See, I told you. You are so beautiful, you can have anyone. He is not very good looking but not bad. Ah.” Amelia William sighed.

Bella listened to Amelia William’s stories, the hot gossips, and stories that happened during her absence.

After a while, she felt a little dizzy, maybe they both drank too much. Amelia William didn’t drive back. They took a taxi and came back home.

She took a bath and lay down on the bed.

Amelia William hug Bella and murmured, “Bella, Bella, don’t go back, I missed you so much. If you really want to go then take me with you.”

Bella opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling. Her eyes were as calm as water, but a little foggy. She closed her eyes quietly.

The next day, Amelia William went to work in the military region reluctantly and complained a lot while going. “It’s too boring. Bella, you know, soldiers don’t have holidays. They take a long vacation for a month once a year, but they don’t have annual holidays. I only have three days. It’s senseless. I don’t want to do it. I want to follow you everywhere.”

“Think of the military area as a home. You are basically at home every day.” Bella joked.

“You are so bad. If you also joined it with me, I would be happy to go to the military area every day. But now there is an old witch there. I see that area as a prison. Alas, I have to go to work. I’ll see if I can take leave. Then I’ll go shopping with you.” Amelia William put on her military uniform and said.

Bella smiled at Amelia William. Her military uniform really looked good, majestic and convincing.

There is a charm in this uniform, and whoever wears it looks charming.

Amelia William went to work. Bella went to the sanatorium to see Kate Andrew. Instead of going directly to Kate Andrew’s ward, she went to meet Kate Andrew’s attending doctor.

“How is my mother?” Bella asked with concern.

“She’s getting more and more absent-minded. You’ll know when you see her.” The doctor said.

“I want to ask how long my mother can live in this situation.”

“Five years. But it can be more than ten years. To be honest, she is already dead. She lives in her self-created dreams and fantasy. Living is only for her relatives.” The doctor said.

“I want to pay her dues for the next ten years. How much is it?” Bella asked.

“Ten years? Do you want to travel far? When the time comes, it will be okay to remit money. Why do you have to pay in advance for ten years at once?” The doctor was surprised.

“I’m going to a place, away from the world, so I want to pay all the money.” Bella smiled.

The doctor looked at Bella suspiciously. “You can’t think like this.”

“I have already thought about it.” Bella took the doctor’s words.

“Why don’t you go to the toll office? Your mother’s situation is subsidized by the state, so you shouldn’t have to pay much.” the doctor said.

“Thank you.”